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    The weather sports cars.
  1. Youngest NW member ever. Well done. :D

  2. 0000

    hiya mate,how's iceman?

  3. 0000

    ice cool icer,hello marra

  4. Done well in Europe but losing today 4-3 was not good enough! Have they?
  5. West Ham 2 - 4 Net Weather FC Ljungberg, - Hannegan, 3 30 Ljungberg, - Icer, 7 45 CM, 75 Icer, 90
  6. SUNDAY KICK OFF 15:00 HOURS Line up still to be chosen as BE makes his appearance as manager. As we know it Cookie is still out with a broken toe :lol:
  7. Icer

    Manager Named!

    We would love to welcome Bernoulli Effect to the side as our manager :lol:
  8. Icer

    Team Names

    Cookie Andy Bown The PIT Icer Shetland Coastie Disc-barry Andy Giggs Hannegan Nigel Weathermaster Magpie Mondy Maestromezz Couldn'tCatchACold Chris 'The Blocker' L Neil P CM Hiya Saint Icey Toes Alan 'Tricks' Flamini-Thrower Paulo Barbero Stu London The Enforcer Mammatus Mackerel Sky In bold are the people in the team other's sorry :lol:
  9. I agree with you but.... Semi's Arsenal VS Chelsea/Fenerbahce Man Utd VS Barcelona Final Man Utd VS Arsenal (if Chelsea lose againist fenerbahce) Winner Man Utd
  10. Quarter Finals. Arsenal v Liverpool Roma v Manchester United Schalke v Barcelona Fenerbahce v Chelsea Underlined who I think will go out, can't really see for the Chelsea game.
  11. thanks mate

  12. Happy Birthday!

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