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  1. Getting ready to captain my snooker team to victory tonight in our first league match of the season.

    1. The watcher

      The watcher

      Well, it was a victory.......for the other team. Tough match though against our own clubs B team.

  2. NIW (Northern Ireland Public Weather Service), never noticed them before but a bit concerned that they are saying their systems are down and last update from them was 18th October. Needless to say I have come to the rescue on their facebook page and gave people a heads up on the weekends colder weather and Ice risk.

  3. Some Rammstein, Iced Earth, White Zombie and Devin Townsend on the go.

    1. The watcher

      The watcher

      and now some REO Speedwagon....."Take it on the run babyyy"

  4. Ahhhh...nothing better on a nice Autumn eve than a big bowl of Homemade Veggie soup.

    1. gottolovethisweather
    2. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      and mulled wine...I love winter :-)

    3. The watcher

      The watcher

      More of a whiskey man myself MK, definitely warms the heart.

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  5. Prozacs at the ready, the rollercoaster begins.

  6. Absolutely crazy radar echoes down in Southern England at the minute.

    1. The watcher

      The watcher

      I suggest some in the morning take a look at radar clip (meto) from around Midnight-1am to see what I was referring to.

    2. Dorsetbred


      Did see it earlier, generated anice hefty 14mm down here, in a 2hr period

    3. Andy Bown

      Andy Bown

      It woke us several times between 01.00-04.00 but my gauge has 9mm in whereas just the other side of Salisbury Plain had 3 times as much!

  7. Annoying not having a tumble drier at this time of year. Heating is on to dry the man cloth.

    1. DisruptiveGust
    2. Bottesford


      I don't like using the drier as it wrecks clothes & costs lots. But yes its tricky to avoid during the cold half of the year otherwise stuff just won't dry!

  8. Today I reached a glorious 27 years old, I spent my night on Netweather....just how I like it.

    1. The watcher
    2. Weather-history


      Happy birthday, at least you haven't turned 40 as I did last Monday

    3. The watcher

      The watcher

      Well, I will eventually, don't remind me WH :p

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  9. Very quiet in here today, did I miss something?

  10. The benign (although not terribly) weather has come at a perfectly busy time for me, so whilst the weather isn't variable, I'm not going to notice.

  11. 10 hours until my departure across Europe and 10 countries for 20 days. Wish me luck you weather watchers, I'll be reporting back as soon as possible.May Jane catch a storm, may summer finally arrive and may you all enjoy my fave pastime while I'm gone. *waves* bye bye. I'll miss you!

    1. Jane Louise

      Jane Louise

      Have a great time watcher :) I doubt whether I'll get a storm lol .

  12. Will be in a Rally from France - Romania next month and hopes to see some extreme weather to tell you all about and get photos.

  13. Will be in a Rally from France - Romania next month and hopes to see some extreme weather to tell you all about and get photos.

  14. First bumble bee of 2011 today.

    1. andy_leics22


      Really? Been loads here for the past week or 2.

    2. The watcher

      The watcher

      First one I've seen today, it landed on my paintwork.

  15. Have a good new year everyone.....5ish hours until "The Watcher" begins his 2011 watching.

  16. Can't believe I'm losing sleep over where to place my anemometer and wind vane, etc. It is exciting to say the least.

  17. The Watcher has now got a Professional Weather Station....*cue angels singing*....looking forward to recording my first year of data in 2011.

  18. Merry Christmas from "The Watcher"...and a white one for alot of us. :)

  19. 3ft Icicles hanging off your sky dish is about as extreme as the weather gets in these parts. Brrr!!!!!

    1. lindy2017


      ive got them as well outside my sons bedroom window

    2. Fozfoster


      Got a picture?

  20. Snowing again, thats 5 days of snowfall and still with 8/9 inches on the ground.

  21. Thundergraupel here, 9 flashes of close lightning and loud crackling thunder. AMAZING, Best snow cold spell ever.

  22. Deepest snow I have seen here in my entire life. Wonder when the last time the East coast of County Down had 8 inches of snow.

  23. You know it's severe when the snow on your windowsill comes up over the window by 2 inches. lol

  24. Snow has finally arrived for me, 2cm of it in the last 45 minutes.

  25. Cold spell, what a load of dog biscuits to be honest, for here anyway. Last time I'll ever want an Easterly for the UK.

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