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  1. we had a low here of 2.8 c last night in East Yorkshire. ( and a few of my mates in North Yorkshire recorded lower with actual grass frosts e.g Vizzy at Kirkam Priory)
  2. UKMO 12z @ 144 hrs UPPERS UKMO 12z @ 144 hrs It could be quite pleasant by Thur according to the UKMO 12 z
  3. GFS 0Z @ 192 hrs blimey that would be a bit of a shock !
  4. GFS 6z @ 294 The SE could be in for a late cold shock on 23rd !
  5. according to the radar the band of precipitation extends much further South than the earlier MetO forecast had suggested. I'd say parts of Yorkshire above 200 m will get snow out of this ( North York Moors for example .....where is Vizzy ? )
  6. Nice covering on top of the Wolds and still snowing now ( pics later )
  7. Sleet here at North Newbald. Will head up over the Wolds shortly to see if it turns to snow up there
  8. We need a small correction North for the majority of Yorkshire to get lucky with snow on Thur.........it could happen though. The snow will be on the Northern flank and the uppers look cold enough ( and it all comes in the very early morning so the timing is right ) We just need a 100 mile correction N
  9. The Yorkshire Wolds were beautiful this morning. A166 totally blocked for a few hours near Fridaythorpe at 7.30 a.m.
  10. GFS has been indicating a cold Northwesterly shot around 26th Feb for some days now. I'm not holding my breath because it doesn't really result in snow for much of the UK and doesn't currently have great support from other models. Nevertheless with a bit of an upgrade it could deliver something Wintry GFS 6z @ 192 Projected Uppers at 192
  11. GFS 6z at the very end ! You have to laugh ( ironically ) when GFS 6z shows a potent Northerly in its last few frames.
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