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  1. Been snowing for 10 minutes in Aberdare and already a covering
  2. Opposite you in Cwmaman, slushy deposits all melted now. Still looking ok for Sunday, but not nailed on yet.
  3. Based on every operational in the reliable timeframe. I think it’s more down to you to prove that your opinion is correct. Yes there are ensemble members pointing at cold and plenty of operational’s showing potential in FI but apart from potential I’ve yet to see anything concrete showing ‘real cold’ making its way to the UK at some point.
  4. The fact that the northern blocking has all but disappeared next weekend is telling. But the MO has hinted at the milder weather pushing in just not this soon.
  5. This is nothing like last week, we have a completely disrupted PV, wth lobes going everywhere, the main one to note diving over or just to our East and itno Central Europe. This isn't far away from a December 2010 setup, yes we don't have the deep cold uppers that we had then and the pressure isn't, at the moment building as much towards Greenland. If we get a mix of all the charts, everywhere will get a shot at snow, even South East Coast. The GFS is a little more marginal than ECM and UKMO but it also brings much more precipitation with very unstable air over the whole of the UK. I believe
  6. First proper snow of the winter in aberdare, OK it's wet snow but it's snow, and it's giving giving a slushy covering on the cars.
  7. Don't think so Andy, most of the cold uppers are moving north east rather than east, possibly sleet on hills and snow on the peaks but more likely a lot of heavy rain and hail in this approaching squal line. We may see the odd flake later in the night, and it guess that is what this winter has turned into, a search for a few flakes of wet snow.
  8. Travelling home from old Trafford last night and it was snowing on the tops of the heads of the valleys.
  9. Andy, I wish you would stop postin those charts, they ain't worth the pixels that are used. You've been posting them all winter showing the 'potential' for snow and there has hardly been a flake. But if those charts had come to fruition we would have had feet of snow around these parts. I know it's only what is being predicted but over the years they have been absolutely useless. I don't want to dent your enthusiasm as it is fun but are they really worth getting our hopes up when they are mostly over a week away?
  10. Sorry if this has already been said but havn't had time to look through every page but people who hang onto every frame of every model run especially if its in FI.
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