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  1. Nice covering here in Northants just 40 miles to your south and still snowing. Our third snowfall of the winter and certainly not one of the worst winters in the east midlands. Chin up it can and will get better.
  2. Heavy overnight snow now forecast for Northampton yea of little faith lol
  3. Might be some hope in that, if the system is now further south then maybe the convection zone has also been pulled further south to over the east midlands.
  4. Damned if they do and damned if they don't
  5. Woohoo Leics. and Northants still in a yellow warning, phew that was close lol
  6. As I mentioned yesterday Amber warning has been been issued for some lucky areas to the south of our region.
  7. Met Office has just updated weather warning for today to remove areas where disruptive snow now looks less likely and to extend warning southwards. Just Notts and Lincs left in for our region
  8. Min temp overnight -6.5c still snow patches from Tuesday and looking forward to a very wintry scene tomorrow morning.
  9. Temp now down to -4.1c and freezing fog warning in place
  10. in association with MeteoGroup who replaced the Met Office
  11. I always back the met office forecast at such close range, will be there and thereabouts and continues to refresh
  12. one of the reason to upgrade to amber would be if the expected amounts of snow to fall are adjusted upwards
  13. I am sure those totals will go up if yellow warning upgraded to amber. Let's not forget is doesn't need much snow to gridlock our road system.
  14. The matrix is the telling factor just one step away from amber from either side
  15. Overnight low of -0.9c. A dusting of lying snow. Sunny blue skies and -0.5c at 10:00
  16. I get to record lying snow this morning although blink and you will miss it.
  17. Yet more planet fear; unenforceable. No worries here.
  18. Last time temp was above freezing here was 14:50 on Tuesday truly incredible week and easily a foot of snow here
  19. The whole of the north sea looks like it is producing lake effect snow ... incredible
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