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  1. not bad in southend either very comfortable this afternoon peaking at 23c
  2. woke up this morning feeling quite satisfied, no storm directly overhead but the consistancy of the lightning show was immense. Also which seemed unusual was how lovely and fresh it felt. Temp topped at around 28c here now slowly falling, personally ill be glad to see an end to the heat and looking forward to low twenty temperatures as long as we dont fall back into those pesky north westerlies. Had the heat and the storms I cant complain, all we need now is a Tornado
  3. Lots of distant flashes and the odd rumble looking south west over the estuary from southend. It's so fresh and yet storms feels weird... Radar has gone nuts cells sprouting from nowhere so fast...
  4. IAlmost gave up oh so pessimistic me
  5. Why is the temperature for London always incorrect on the homepage,it says London is currently at 26.4 when the City is easily 30 degrees now. Is there some kind of delay ?.
  6. has anyone spotted a cloud today, I cant remember it to even be so cloud free not even a wisp of cirrus
  7. ya i dont think ill be taking a dip quite yet, stragely the hottest part of the day in these parts seem to be around 6pm, i always though it should be around 2-3 pm? I think the highest recorded temp today will be 31.5 somewhere around london
  8. seems that the essex estuary coast is strugging a bit, one weather station about 2 miles inland is recording 25.3c, only slowly creeping up. and 25.6c at Shoeburyness still its very plesant completly blue skys no contrails, and a little breeze dosnt feel humid, however I think that will change
  9. Wednesday St James Park London 33.9 Highest Max, (either that or somewhere west of London) Highest Min 21.8 same place into Friday Highest Temperatures towards the East Most maybe Gravesend maybe....?
  10. 29 in maidstone would be considerabley accurate for a car thermometer maybe a degree or two lower usually there way, way out ...
  11. yeah thanks to the low humidity and breeze it felt very comfortable, wonder what and where the highest temp was today, 27.6 degrees recorded max approx 2 miles inland at Southend using Davis equipment.
  12. cant believe the heat today I knew it would be warm but 27 degrees c. in Southend-on Sea, a teaser for next week perhaps. I guess West of London will be the hot spot for next week with 90F/32c . what do people think the highest max will be?
  13. scientist_uk

    Extreme Temperatures Hottest/Coldest

    36 degrees C in Northern Italy/Padova during June 2002 I think -12 in the Nothern Pennines/Wearhead 1999 sometime
  14. boom bang a bang in southend! at 4:05pm

    1. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Wow - I have missed the 1 Thunderstorm of the year again!

    2. scientist_uk


      ya we had hail the size of petis pois almost lol

  15. scientist_uk

    Worst Weather Event you Have Experienced?

    I dont remember the year however in the 90s sometime and I was walking to school after my lunchbreak, Weather was calm and Sunny then the sky went black within minutes, winds were the strongest Ive experienced in my life, and the hail and rain was so hard, it cleared and calmed down after only around 10 mins. We were sent home as everyone was drenched. If only I knew the date.!