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  1. Had about 15 minutes of moderate snow here which left a patchy dusting
  2. Regional forecast on bbc a moment ago shows it just about grazing Leicester
  3. Large flakes falling and its finally sticking - everywhere is white but only a light covering. Looks like it'll stop soon looking at the radar
  4. Snowing moderately here. Not sticking though, everywhere is wet
  5. Nothing here yet in Mountsorrel, just north of Leicester. Not holding too much hope though to be honest
  6. Starting to snow again here with some big flakes
  7. Still snowing here in Mountsorrel - just north of Leicester. Got a couple of cm's.
  8. It's a fascinating language to try and learn! In 2010, I taught English in China for 6 months and so picked up quite a bit without really going out of my way to learn it. After that I was fascinated with the language and continued to teach myself back in England and speak to friends I made in China - they help me with learning it. Been back twice since and made some big improvements! It's amazing how much being in the country where the language is spoken helps!
  9. I can speak basic french. I can also speak and read a fair bit of mandarin; writing it is another matter though!
  10. Indeed he is, as i can barely remember such snowfall over here...
  11. I can't pinpoint any dates (or years for that matter) when we had really good snowfall!!! I do remember the snow used to be really thick and last longer when i was younger than it does now <_< ooooh....and welcome to Net-weather SBWG :lol:
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