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Convection currents

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  1. Had about 15 minutes of moderate snow here which left a patchy dusting
  2. Regional forecast on bbc a moment ago shows it just about grazing Leicester
  3. Still snowing lightly here...a light covering, but nothing that can be measured
  4. Loads of lightning constantly flashing in the distance and the distant rumbles of thunder here. Been like this for a while....
  5. haha!!! I like your thinking!!!! That's what I'm going to go along with
  6. yeah, thought I was going crazy, but it was just mentioned on the regional news....but still no snow lol
  7. Whilst no snow....just felt a small earthquake here with some rumbling! Thought it was thunder at first...
  8. Large flakes falling and its finally sticking - everywhere is white but only a light covering. Looks like it'll stop soon looking at the radar
  9. Snowing moderately here. Not sticking though, everywhere is wet
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