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  1. Oh for heaven sake, we have brains. Wake up when it's light. GMT is a simple concept. Just stop messing with mother nature.
  2. I'm told the stones brought in to protect Borth have been shoveled back ready for the coming wind and rain. Not much talk of it yet...
  3. What sort of issues do you fear? Marden, Sutton & Bodenham are becoming difficult to access as it is...
  4. ....I once proposed to a Ruth. Nice girl. She was 8, I was 6... Ok, off topic, ..sorry....
  5. Something is just coming in to Eire (sw) . Is this the start...
  6. If you're talking about 70' swell goodnight and goodbye. Realistically, by the time it reaches the shore it will only be 70' breakers, but that'll be bad enough.
  7. I can remember many Novembers with snow. Just right for the festive season. Also remember mild Christmas days following. But not in the last 4/5 years
  8. Non-existent here at Dinmore. Rain during the night but hard to imagine any more this time round.
  9. I'm ready for a snowball fight if you are !!

  10. See you on the slopes... :-)

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