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  1. This cannot be a serious post .......... is it !!!!? Extent looking good ..... Anomaly chart showing the past 30 year increasing trend. Latest image looking healthy !!! Y.S
  2. Hi V.P I think I understand the point you are making ....... there is a lot of uncertainty ? Okay, yes agree. Y.S
  3. Hi Pete, Yes I do think that we will need to wait and see. The paper is trying to state something important but as Spencer admits, he had to sanitise it somewhat to get all the reviewers to pass it through. There is a lot more in his book (which I have read) which forms a good backdrop to the paper (some of the results are discussed more openly in here). The point is that the satellite data (limited though it is) are not showing what would be expected from a climate system that is supposed to be super sensitive. That is, what feedbacks can be observed from the satelites are negative and n
  4. Hi Folks, Further to the recent postings it would seem that there is likely to be a response to the recent Roy Spencer paper, so I guess we will see what gives. The paper is heavily sanitised but the principal thrust (reading between the lines) is that where there is evidence of feedback forcing this is primarily negative and not positive - that forcing can inherently occur within the closed system ...... which is most likely due to low level cloud changes (but then I have the advantage of having the book, which makes this very clear). Here is the latest from Roy on his blog: http://www.drroy
  5. Fair point Dev ..... but I am not aware that there has been any independent investigative comittees set up to look into the statistical methods he used and which then went on to critisise ..... unlike a certain Dr Mann. Y.S
  6. Great post, I was attempting to put something similar down and you beat me to it. Roy Spencer is an Expert in the field ...... perhaps others should not so easily dismiss his findings. Y.S
  7. Hi Folks, A little more on the case for the recent paper by Roy Spencer. The below is taken directly from his blog. Its a nice description of the current situation regarding cloud feedback science (though clearly written from one side of the argument). The emphasis's I have added. I received a question from a reader today regarding why the writer of a recent article ( http://e360.yale.edu...searchers/2313/ the state of the science on cloud feedbacks did not mention our newly published work.The usual suspects were questioned, but there was nothing new there. Cloud feedbacks are just as uncerta
  8. Water vapour as a greenhouse gas is far more potent than CO2 and even small changes in low height cloud cover would have an impact on the radiative budget of the Earth (blocking sunlight and the ocean absorbance of solar irradiation). Of course changes in high level cloud would have an opposite effect, trapping heat. No we don't take the role of clouds as read ... that is the whole point and even the IPCC admit there is a lot more to know about how increasing water vapour in a warming climate will impact on this aspect. It is the biggest uncertainty that there is. So far the climate models all
  9. Its funny how predictable certain folks are ........ Anyway, I'd suggest that what this does show is that the mechanics of feedback and forcing are complicated with many unknowns still to be unravelled. The role of clouds is (and as the IPCC admits) on feedback is still an unknown quantity that could potentially be a big player. Why don't you and SSS read the book ...... now that he has published data on his central claim, you can at least get over the 'its in a book and therefore has not been peer reviewed and is therefore crap' stance. You might actually like what you see. Better still,
  10. Hi Folks, There is a new piece of research by Roy Spencer' group on the role of that has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Geophysical Research: The papers title is: "On the diagnosis of radiative feedback in the presence of unknown radiative forcing" http://www.drroyspen...ll-JGR-2010.pdf As a synopsis this paper puts meat on the central claim of Dr Spencers most recent book " The Great Global Warming Blunder: How Mother Nature Fooled the World's Top Climate Scientists" and Dr Spencer's belief that climate researchers have mixed up cause and effect when observing cloud and temp
  11. Hi Jethro, Thanks for posting those links. Y.S
  12. Yes it was .... it provided a clear means to show that past climate was pretty flat until most likely human derived greenhouse gas emissions forced an unprecedented rise in temps. The whole IPCC third summary report centered its arguments around this issue ...... and that graph. Its not the be all and end all, I agree, but it was made an important issue in selling the whole greenhouse gas derived global warming issue to the general public. But, if there were past periods where similar temperature changes had occureed on a global scale, this then opens the possibility that natural cyclical even
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