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  1. Just had thunder snow in basingstoke, left an inch of slush on roads and grass, great fun
  2. Saints 3rd and 3 players in England squad, 1st half yesterday was football of the gods.
  3. Europa league?? champs league. Adam lallana not in England squad but sterling and young are???? any football fan in the world can see lallana is in a different league and then we have luke shaw and nathanial clyne who are fooking mastic. saints doing it properly.
  4. Man united were not the better team, Wanyama and Morgan made Carrick and Felliani look like school boys, Saints had 54% possession and 19 attempts to 12 for United. It's taking some time but at last the media are giving saints the praise they deserve, be nice if Roy could look past the big 6 and give a cap to Nathaniel Clyne who has been brilliant this season in the 2nd best defence in the whole of Europe instead of picking Smalling or Jones and as for young, Sterling and cleverly being in front of Adam lallana,,stupendous..
  5. Hello, could someone post a link to one of the live news streams please, I can't seem to find one. cheers.
  6. Yeah, been looking for Boston webcams and keep getting mature women.
  7. Quebec has been great this Winter, I'v got family out there and they say that some years are fab, some years not so good, but on the whole its always cold and snowy in Winter! :-)

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