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  1. Gusting really hard here in Godstone Surrey …just lost a big branch from a Scots Pine and a side garden gate is now busted … not sure why planes are still flying into Gatwick ..scary
  2. I think I will take note of the met office no offence….
  3. Hi Nick … Thursday's low only half heartedly mentioned in BBC forecast tonight…..they can't bear to give us more bad news!
  4. Oh dear .. the mad modellers have all thrown in the towel, put up the white flag and admitted defeat from our big lovely Atlantic ocean, well direction thereof!! .. Cold spells bring much misery to lots of our folk not to mention accidents but still the coldaphillics gnash their teeth .. it is a rather bizarre fetish .. go to the Alps the snow is lovely at the moment .. bring on a nice mild warm late winter..
  5. Hi all .. quite a squall that was .I see the mad modellers have chucked the towel in for any severe cold spell next week …
  6. Hi all the weather watch forecast just shown on the Beeb for the next 3 weeks was quite unremarkable not a sniff of any cold to note ,, not sure why the coldaphillacs on the model thread are so hyped .. think they should all quit, get a life and leave it to the pretty good and British met office…..
  7. The winds are howling . several trees down.. our little brook has turned into a raging torrent …as bad as I have seen…
  8. My God .. we are having the the most dramatic weather in years and some of you experts are still looking for a bit of cold … get real and join the real world… actually you might enjoy it ..
  9. Appalling conditions .. branches and twiggy bits every where…. howling gale … local stream burst its banks … 10 tiles gone .. dog drying off……..
  10. the worst conditions in this part of surrey since October 1987 … the local stream has burst its banks we have several trees down and the house is shaking with several tiles flying off ….the dog nearly drowned ,, horrendous
  11. my local stream has burst its banks .. several trees down .. the worst conditions I have seen since October 1987.. stay safe
  12. I have never seen such local flooding … my road is a torrent .. several trees down ..carnage
  13. I had tickets for the game but decided not to go …. based on the forecast winds for later and the 25 mile journey back to Oxted …. lets hope there on no incidents
  14. We have tickets for the game but looks like we won't be able to get there by train ..almost certainly it will be called off….
  15. Lots of branches and panels on the garden fences have come down in the last 30 mins Godstone Surrey
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