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  1. Hi guys, long time no visit on here from me, IRL changes... We are getting battered here on the IOW
  2. Been a while since posted, but it has been a pleaseant but notibably chillier day today...Nice winter sun
  3. Dont if anyone has seen or posted, but Torro have now issued a forecast http://torro.org.uk/site/forecast.php
  4. The anemometer i take with a pinch of salt from the needles weather station, its right at the end of a cliff out in the sea extremely exposed, it will give higher readings due to being so high up and exposed
  5. Anyone got any size 1 heavy weighted boots lol, im dreading letting my tiny tiny yorkshire terrier out in the gusts to go peepee's..quite possibly she may get blown whilst taking a pee, its getting very gusty now.
  6. Hello neighbour The flooding is getting a bit more concerning, with heavy rainfall expect overnight there will no doubt be disruption to island services by daylight hours, and if the wind gusts do produce the forecasted ranges then will also be some debris to contend with too out on the roads. Had some beefy gusts in last 30 mins
  7. getting increasingly gusty here now max gust of 32.1mph Rain moving in and some island roads already suffering from bad flooding.
  8. Getting increasingly gusty here now 28.9 max gust so far Pressure dropping at 5.0mb/hr - currently at 1000.1 mb
  9. Just put my rubbish out (half empty black sack) came back indoors, then turned around and said to myself that wont be there by morning and got it back in lol Getting quite gusty here, hoping it wont get too bad though.
  10. I hope we dont get any snow, frost or ice here tbh. Have only just started to venture out and about a bit more after surgery and really dont fancy brushing up on my iceskating skills
  11. Took a lovely stroll, albeit very slow one along Sandown beach today with only a jumper and thin jacket on, was surprised how warmish it was walking along the beach. Got back, within about 30 mins had to turn the lights on as went very dark lol..and now the sun is out again...
  12. The storm will do what ever it wants to do, you can not totally predict mother nature and what she chooses to throw at the UK. I am sure the appropriate warnings for ALL areas will go out when needed. I live south facing on the IOW, we can get it pretty bad here, when the storm arrives and passes only then we shall see the full impact of what she has delivered to our shores.
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