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  1. Just been outside and the place is being lit up again. Here was me thinking, must be due something this time, surely. Nope. It's lightning from cells over the Isle of Man and the north of Wales...
  2. Just been sent a few videos from around shropshire and the shrewsbury areas. Pitch black and absolutely torrential rain, constant lightning. Very impressed, even on radar.
  3. I might be down in Ayrshire, a good 70 miles from Edinburgh, but around 2am last night I popped my head out and could see constant flashing lighting up the sky all around me. I thought, are we due something? So I checked the lightning maps etc. Nowhere near me! Never in my life have I seen lightning flashes from that far away, at least from here.
  4. Well, I went out last night expecting the system that was creeping up the Irish sea to continue into the Dumfries and Galloway, then into Ayrshire. Lots of flashes to the south of me, which was promising, then to my north west, the cell over Arran popped into action, and I could only see the tops of the cell from my vantage point. After 2 hours, I called it quits and walk home. I'm in the house for 5 minutes, and BOOM! I bolt out the back just as there's another flash directly overhead. Me, runs back to the vantage point....and waited....and waited....nae luck. Rather jealous of those who g
  5. I'm hoping that cell creeping up the irish sea continues into the SW of Scotland.
  6. Hoping that continues to develop and track into south west Scotland.
  7. Looking forward to seeing what the night brings for us in Ayrshire.
  8. Know how you feel pal. I thought we were going to get it nice earlier but its held off, the thunder of earlier has died off. So, I'm guessing the shows over before it really got started. Ach well, we've all summer yet!
  9. I'm about 7 miles away from Ayr town centre. Few storms working their way up from the galloway hills, can hear the thunder from here already, the sky to the south is turning nice and dark with some convection ahead of it as well. Looking good!
  10. Heard plenty of thunder here where I am, but it always seems to track to the north, same story as yesterday. Unfortunately not much to see as it's pretty overcast again.
  11. Well that was a fat load of rain and 1 rumble of thunder. How disappointing.
  12. Aye, it gave a couple of rumbles of thunder where I am, and a wee shower, but nothing spectacular. Just run of the mill. It's pretty overcast so it's pretty hard to see them building. I can see some CB down Dumfries way just now, but it's just glimpses between clouds.
  13. Nothing here, just drizzle. Most snowless winter I have ever known in 30 years here.
  14. Tiles off the roof this time round. First all winter, it's usually happened long before now. Pilot buddy said he had a 170 knot tailwind on his run back from Belfast.
  15. Depends where you are, but there's been hee haw here for 2 years. It tries, but it's less and less every year.
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