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    I love sport I am an Aston Villa season ticket holder. Also enjoy hammer horror films (I know very sad). Always had an interest in the weather since I was about 3. Used to pretend to do weather forcasts using an atlas and a knitting needle! Prefer cold weather and adore snow. I would also love to meet Dan Corbett. What a man. That is everything.....for now
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    Snow, frost, fog and ice!

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  1. Wet snow here for an hour. Nothing has settled though.
  2. To be fair the met office amended warnings suggest this will be a non event for most of us. Hopefully some in the north of the region may get a surprise though. I am really not expecting anything . Hope I am wrong though.
  3. Snow just started again.Fairly light at the moment.
  4. Nearly stopped here for the moment.To be fair it is meant to be patchy in nature.
  5. Mostly rain here with the odd flake of snow mixed in.
  6. Currently 15C here! Feels very strange. I think the highest ever January temperature was recorded in North Wales and it got to 18.3C
  7. Again I have to say I think the Met Office have been pretty spot on so far this winter. The updates that Ian gives us are invaluable. He stated well over a week ago that the Met were pretty sure that the NW/W flow would continue but it would slowly become milder with the winds veering more W/SW. From looking at the model output as it stands at the moment that certainly appears to be the case. At least we have some PM shots to look forward to. I know some people are downbeat but the winter so far has been much more interesting than last years already. I personally have experienced 7 frosts already! Virtually as many as the whole of last winter! Anyway I am hoping the MET are onto something with the potential pattern change later in the month. I will be watching the Met Office and Ian's updates with keen interest. Thanks once again Ian
  8. As stated in a previous post I pay most attention to the Met Office and Ian. It tempers expectations. The Met have done a fantastic job this year. I used to get dragged in by fantastic Fl charts, the media and some over the top posts on here but not anymore. Anyway back to the models and it still looks a cold chilly week with some wintry showers for the lucky some. It will feel colder than it has done for most of the Winter so far
  9. Hi all I don't often post in the Model Output section as I don't feel I have the knowledge of other posters in here. I love cold and snowy weather and obviously this Winter has been poor for cold and snow so far. However my expectations have been kept under control this year due to the wonderful informative posts from Fergieweather. I feel the Met Office have been fantastic this winter and Ian's input is second to none.In previous years I would have got carried away if the charts were showing an easterly or northerly and then all too often I would be left feeling deflated when the charts did not verify. Ian has helped me keep very grounded and basically if the Met Office are not interested then I don't get too excited. At the end of the day they have access to much more data than we do. I am not saying everything they say is gospel just more realistic. Anyway this a great forum and made all the better by Fergieweather's input. Thank you Ian Let's hope we get some late winter surprises
  10. Hi Ian Thanks for your input as ever. Where does the Midlands stand in the current output? Everyone is talking about a NW/SE divide but where do we fit in? I live just outside of Birmingham.
  11. A lovely crisp clear morning here! Got down to minus 2 last night
  12. Well done Paul and the team. A wonderful site and I would not be without it! Here is to ten more years
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