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    I love sport I am an Aston Villa season ticket holder. Also enjoy hammer horror films (I know very sad). Always had an interest in the weather since I was about 3. Used to pretend to do weather forcasts using an atlas and a knitting needle! Prefer cold weather and adore snow. I would also love to meet Dan Corbett. What a man. That is everything.....for now
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    Snow, frost, fog and ice!

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  1. Sleet here in the heavier showers. Can't see any snow here later unless the dew points drop later this afternoon.
  2. Very cold and raw outside. We had a few snow flurries this morning but now we have rain showers.
  3. I know most of us want snow but this winter has felt much more seasonal than last years. To be fair it has been quite chilly in Tamworth for well over a week now. It only got up to 3 degrees today and as someone that works outside for a living it has felt cold! We have had many more frosts than last year already and I have seen snow falling on 7 different days although admittedly we have only had a couple of light dustings. Anyway onwards and upwards and who knows what is around the corner!
  4. Heavy rain shower here. Wouldn't take much to start it turning wintry though.
  5. Anything is possible over the next Week. Especially when the cold air is entrenched later tomorrow. It will be down to radar watching and now casting. The best snowfall in Tamworth is often not predicted.
  6. 6C here and sunny but to be fair these sorts of temperatures were predicted for today.
  7. Slight covering here this morning. Was not expecting it as it was raining at midnight.
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