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  1. 29.5c here.... lovely in the garden and not unbearable. Think temps are down a little on what was expected - seems to be a bit of a breeze and moisture in the ground stopping things getting too hot.
  2. Currently sat in shorts - what a mistake! Computer model output is showing only 18c here today, yet the meto text says 26c!!
  3. We made 19.8c yesterday. Expecting 21c today and 24c by Sunday. Max will probs be 26c somewhere to the west of central London later this weekend early next. Very similar in timing to the warm spell last year.....just missed 30c on the occasion.
  4. What it currently is - cloudy, dull, 10c nothingness. Summer now please.
  5. Purley, top tip! It's been rubbish here this week - sod all and then rain washed the 0.5mm cover away!
  6. Rain here at 1.4c despite radar showing snow. Tired of this winter now.
  7. Rain here at 0.5c and quite a patchy cover. Rubbish basically - bring on summer and 30c!
  8. Light snow here in Purley now. This is what all the FI searching is for guys......this feeling!!
  9. Yep, already a lot of grit put down as I left the office. Looking great! I'm hoping for between 10-15cm.....may be overly optimistic but who cares!
  10. The models have been all over the place. All they seem to do is downgrade after initially starting our wildly optimistic. If this was a rain event, I could guarantee a 20mm fall overnight! The actual synoptic looks great, but in reality it is going to possibly end up pants. If this chart was a historical one, would you look and think classic snow set up, why is the front going to die?
  11. Yes, but they are model derived so do help with basics, such as likely starting time / temps.
  12. Anyone expecting an amber warning upgrade later? M4, M3 and M25 could be difficult during rush hour later. Current radar shows a lot of heavy precipitation just off the SW.
  13. Not posh enough to live on the Webb estate, but it is a nice area - good access to London and the countryside / coast. Not seen much snow in my 8 years of living here. Biggest fall is 9cm in that time, would love to beat it tonight.
  14. Just in the valley, only 80m asl but it helps. Hills around reach up to 160m, so they usually do well. Expecting a few inches tonight hopefully.
  15. Yep, currently at Purley station and it's -6c. We only got up to 1.4c yesterday from a much higher starting number.
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