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  1. Yes, but pattern was a flip compared to your analog. Higher pressure towards Greenland and lower over western Europe.
  2. I think that is a fairly sensible way to go though, the globe is warming. The nuance is when it gets down to regional forecasting for shorter time periods.
  3. Yes, nice to see it over Siberia - hopefully it decides to holiday there all winter!
  4. Beneficial rains? Infrequent storminess? Load of rubbish, there forecast has not been upto scratch for years. Think Inaccuweather would be a more realistic name.
  5. Yes, well I'm punting for the climatic norm this winter then.
  6. After watching gav and his winter updates over the last few weeks, the analogues (yes, I know they can be flawed and don't believe in pattern matching per se) seem to be pointing to an unsettled start before gradually getting colder towards the backend of winter. Sticking my neck out early: Dec: Wet, unsettled and above average....6.5c Jan: Wet to start and then drier and colder.....4c Feb: Dry and Cold....2.5c March: Continuing cold to start......5c Average for winter months 4.3c
  7. I'm not getting into a pretty argument, but the heaviest falls were fairly localised; especially last year around the Reading / Swindon / Basingstoke area. It spent most of the time raining where I was.
  8. Have we? Some areas have, but it was certainly not widespread. I had zilch last year and an inch off the beasterly.
  9. Yes, got below 16c in one of the back bedrooms so we popped it on for an hour yesterday evening.
  10. Not the OPI - I thought that was proven to be a busted flush circa 2015? I really don't think the pressure patterns in October will determine whether we get a chilly spell in February.
  11. Feels like we say this every year recently though - once the PV starts to power up all this blocking ends up meaning nout.... look at last year for example.
  12. It was mixed really, when it was good it was a little too hot and when it was bad it rained quite a bit. Not many sunny and settled 25c days which are the best in my opinion.
  13. Yes, I was getting muddled with the April max from last year.
  14. Now that the 38.7c has been confirmed, what do members feel is the most impressive / difficult to achieve temperature record recorded in this country? Just a few to start - please add any I've missed or you would like to discuss. Winter High - 21.6c Winter Low - -27.2c Summer High - 38.7c April High - 29.1c October High - 29c September High 35c Personally I find the recent winter record fairly incredible, given the amount we beat the record by. I think until we reach 40c in summer, it will be my number one.
  15. Was 17.9c in Purley when I left at 6am. Kenley is showing 25c atm, big local differences.
  16. 28.9c yesterday and 29.6c today. Looking like 36c here tomorrow, but we do tend to be a little cooler than the surrounding areas.
  17. Yeah, 27c in Greater London is usually hit a few times at least every month from May to September. I only see it as being hot when we are talking +28c with humidity being high. +33c and above is fairly exceptional though.
  18. What is amazing, is the fact that +20c 850s have made it into the UK twice this year. You could count the number of times that has happened on one hand for the previous 250 years! Surely 40c is a only a matter of time.
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