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  1. Good news but judging by the lack of traffic and people about this Easter break this suggests a lack of money for many. It may not last I'm afraid.

    Just to add a touch of perspective to this, visitor numbers down here were up this easter. Infact, largely record breaking in some sectors.

  2. Strange that was Saddam's defence as well or had you forgotten that because it suited you to do so??? This slowly dropping out of the news although ground troops could be deployed to help evacuate civilians was mentioned this morning.

    Did you forget the original point? Its you harping on about not doing anything.

  3. Silly post.

    Actually at the moment we let the Turks kill the Kurds and ignore it. If you want to play mr goody every where you got most of the world to bomb and invade I'm afraid.

    On a more serious note I see Nato has back tracked from refusing to apologise for the latest mistake. At one time I thought it was our new exit strategy. Keep accidentally hitting the rebels and they'll get so angry and they'll ask us to leave. These mistake will happen but since the rebels have now got tanks are we going to target them when they start shelling towns???

    Would that be the Kurds attacking Turkey on the demand of their own state?

  4. Yup with. Doh.

    As they continue to lose the war the rebels ask for a cease fire. Chances are zero for that. Rumours that NATO have killed the first women and children which if repeated too often will cause resentment towards NATO.

    Spring time is also the time for the Taliban to strike back adding to strain of our stretched resources.

    Poor old Cameron Nato needs to pull a rabbit out of the hat to save him from embarrassment.

    Why do you think he was so keen NATO took it on and subsequently made noises about arming the rebels which he knew NATO wouldn't do... genious is does not take.

  5. Interesting developments with the defection, which is a bit of a coup for the coalition, and UK in particular (since he came here and not France/US) Which is interesting, considering he must know he will face questions over the Lockerbie bombing and murder of the WPC Yvonne Fletcher.

    Going back to the earlier point ref splitting Libya, this is how it was originally, and the old borders could be used, you forget that loyalities lie less with nations and more with regions in much of northern Africa.

  6. Now the regime change plan is failing as Gadaffi's forces strike back and advance rapidly. Rebels now demanding arms. The coalition now has another problem. Both armies using the same type of vehicles and clothing so air forces can't tell the goodies from the baddies.

    Coalition problem is now they're facing demands for weapons. This will training and ground forces in advisory role. The other problem is that they have sidelined the Arab league.

    Overall poorly thought out action by Cameron and Hague if they're not careful they'll be hugely embarrassed internationally. Too safe face arming is the next most likely course of action.

    Another thought if the rebels are forced to surrender should we and France take them in as their lives could be at risk.

    Poor old Cameron at least Blair won his war....

    How can you say it was poorly thought out? Are you an expert on the middle east and armed forces all of a sudden?

    That said, a better solution than arming, what can only be described as a badly organised rebel group, would be advisory roles from the Arab League with UN backing. That or come to arrangement to split the country, those who like him and those that don't. Like it used to be.

  7. Is it true that winter fuel payments are being scrapped??? Ah cut come on Local Beeb report it correctly.

    Nick Clegg wasn't aware of this and was slagging other parties off during radio program on radio Sheffield then going on to say they were going to increase the payments. Oops.

    Actually the Winter fuel payment does need to be reviewed. My Mother got it and didn't need it. Before she went into decline she used to give to charity. It really needs to go to people who just have the state pension or are on a very low private pension.

    Pretty good points TW.

    It was only ever a temporary increase (3 years) On the plus side, they are seeing inflation linked savings coming back thru NS&I

  8. Yes i agree pit they need volunteers to fly spitfire thats all thats left ,we knew this would happen we all love freedom and democracy, once Saudia Arabia falls total anarchy in the region lets get out before all hell breaks loose.

    If Saudi goes we won't be able to afford the fuel to put in the planes. Ironic huh.

    As for Israel, well Hamas seem to deserve all they get imo, its getting to a point again, and they did bring it on themselves. Just wish Israel would use better targeted systems than artillery.

  9. I don't entirely agree, as has been the case since the coalition came into power. My bone of contention isn't with whether or not cuts on this scale are necessary (I think they probably are) but where and how they are implemented- in particular the policies of a "we're all in it together- proportionately, depending on how poor we are" type implementations and the element of "going for the easy targets". Just because cuts are necessary doesn't mean our attitude to each cut should be "c'est la vie" irrespective of how, where, when and why.

    A lot of sound comments in Iceberg's latest post, and to be honest, I didn't have any major issues with the budget either- the government essentially had to choose between different sets of evils and I think they did a decent job, on the whole, of choosing lesser rather than greater ones in this budget. I also share the concerns on high inflation levels and hope the Bank of England starts resisting the urge to keep producing excess money.

    One potential reservation is with the tax and regulation cuts to businesses. Again, whether this is a good or bad thing in my opinion will depend on how and where they are carried out- I'm all in favour of cutting bureauocracy and red tape (which was specifically mentioned in the budget, a good sign) but I don't want to see regulation cut in areas that allow businesses to run on a larger element of "minimum service for maximum profit" (e.g. as we've seen with deregulation of public transport) and get away with more excessive use of natural resources. Similarly, relaxing planning restrictions may be good if it involves reducing red tape but not if it encourages large-scale development of factories on greenbelt land, increased deriliction of older brownfield sites, and an enhancement of the north-south divide.

    Couple of points I'd like to raise, firstly, is it not the case that the people who are currently receiving more assistance from the Govt will of course be hurt more than others? For example I receive no benefits, tax credits, income support or other you would care to insert. Thus the spending cuts affect me virtually zilch. So it seems a tad incongruous to say the poor or disabled will be affected more, as it can hardly affect people who weren't getting anything in the first place.

    Secondly, I think it was stated that green belt would continue to be protected as before.

    Other than that, I think the budget was a step in the right direction for business, certainly the various insitutes seem to give the nod, with even richard lambert enthusing about it. As for the penny cut in duty, well again a first, but the cynical evil oil companies seem to have predicted it and wheeled and some excuse about already having paid the duty yada yada bleet bleet.

    All in all, good job, lets have more.

  10. For a touch on reality, this was a good read.

    To discover the truth about our fiscal position, I invite you to ignore the witterings of Yvette Cooper – "it's deeply unfair" – and the rhetoric of Bob Crow – "this is a class war" – and focus instead on the Budget Red Book. Pour yourself a stiff drink, and turn to page 95.

    Jeff Randall, Daily Telegraph

  11. By the way those that think Hamas and co stop firing rockets etc keep an eye on this tweet http://twitter.com/QassamCount

    Interesting while discussing the budget on the beeb yesterday they mentioned that the present new war is being paid from the current military budget. However I Dartmoor is probably more right on that one. Perhaps this is why we're keen that NATO takes over. Either way it seems the Arab League are being put aside.

    George Osbourne actually said in the budget speech it would be paid fully by the treasury reserves, not from the MoD budget. So not sure what the Beeb were on about... mind you Sky had the news before then so that may be where I picked it up from and yeah, I think the UK and US are pushing for NATO involvement to appease everyone from Turkey to Italy, France on the otherhand seem a bit put out by it, who knew Sarkozy would be such a hawk!

  12. I'll think you find that tax revenues have gone up recently. What you're referring too happens when the we're in recession and no longer growing. Although what you're saying could happen if we're not careful as high fuel prices force people out of work.

    ...It’s true that they go up when the oil price rises, but the OBR confirms that rising oil prices also cause other tax revenues across the rest of the economy fall by a similar amount.

    Telegraph - Full Speech

    Guess the OBR sees it otherwise.

  13. Considering there was no new tax increases or spending cuts announced it was a pretty good budget for most people. Could of been alot worse, put it that way.

  14. I think that maybe because it was pretty much of a non-budget, weak and devoid of anything meaningful.

    The cut in fuel duty of 1p a litre is just an insult really as it has to be remembered that government revenue goes up when the cost of oil does, so they win all ends up.

    Whether you agree or not on things such as smoking or drinking, most people in the street do one or the other and the duty increases there will more than wipe out any other savings.

    My calculations say that you have to buy 1000 ltrs of fuel to save £10 - that £1300 outlay to get that :wallbash:

    Osbourne should have stayed in bed today!

    Actually, when oil revenues go up, other tax revenues go down as a result, but don't let the truth get in the way. There was also no increase on duty of alcohol above inflation and perhaps you would of preferred the planned 5p rise to have gone ahead on fuel? Seems there is no pleasing some people.

    In more positive (and factual) news it seems the budget has prompted the largest company to move its tax base from the UK in protest to actively consider moving it back to London following the extra 1% fall in Corporation tax.

  15. Arab league having second thoughts due to the magnitude of the military action. Like I said earlier they need to run it not Britain, France or the USA. Could be a huge blunder by Cameron getting us involved in this. Going to need a lot talking to keep the Arab league on board. Us and Britain not popular in the middle east so it's going to be a hard sell.

    He already spoke to most of the Arab rulers following his and Sarkozy's first trip to the EU, he gained their support which was announced and the UN then granted the resolution. Everything has been done by the book (unlike Bliar) and the AL are just getting twitchy because of what might follow. (UAE and Qatar have already moved jets into position)

  16. Okay regime change in progress next stop alQ iniltration. So Bahrain next. No difference at all. Oh we would upset the Saudi's can't do that.

    As against that if the UN win will that give them confidence too take on other countries??

    Is your world always so negative?

    I think we are seeing good progress with parts of the Arab world taking part in the action, which is a good thing, that coupled with French, British, Canadian and Italian jets protecting civilians. It remains to be seen if there will be any regime change from it, I doubt it can be done from the air alone.

  17. As I said, I don't agree with what is happening. The Arab League should be the ones to police any no fly zone and provide peacekeeping troops if the time comes for such a measure.

    Although I do find highly ironic that ALL of this could of been averted if people had listened to the UK when we first suggested a no fly zone, now we are seeing massive backtracks from the US, Arab League and even the rebels who are now supporting the idea.

    Arming the rebels is a bad idea however and we should look to history to see why.

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