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  1. Can't remember the exact figure but roughly 75% of the Earth's surface is ocean, this acts like an enormous storage heater, I imagine it will take quite some time for any noticeable difference in atmospheric temperatures to be felt. Perhaps monitoring SST's is the way to go????

    Yup, they certainly store alot more heat than the land, which radiates quite quickly (depending on the surface) but being a really poor conductor it takes along time for the oceans to a. gain heat and b. lose it.

  2. That's true, but I hope we see a drop (no matter how small) in global temperatures soon! The sun has been quiet for a few years now and so far there has only been a leveling of global temperatures and nothing more.

    Fingers crossed anyway!


    I'm inclined to think there is some sort of lag, which would tie in with the 'slowdown' beginning 12 or so years ago, and global temps levelling off in the last 9-10. But agreed, we should if it is playing ball, see a drop sooner rather than later (2-5 years?)

  3. Brings to mind the Python Parrot sketch.....is it dead or only sleeping?

    Probably only sleeping :( But it is interesting to note that the next maximum is predicted to be a 'low maximum' and after 50 years of 'Grand maximums' I really do think it's only a matter of time before we see effects down here) With irradiance down by 6% already at the UV wavelengths it could well get interesting.

  4. The NASA statement in April said that even then they were the lowest in 50 years (which was when they started recording them)

    What is perhaps more interesting is the brightness of the sun has dropped 0.02% at the visible wavelength and 6%! at the UV wavelength in the last 12 years. And what's happened to global temps in roughly that timespan? Posted Image

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