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  1. The opposite thing happened in the build up to the 1976 heat wave, my auntie & uncle told me that the last week of May it was -4 celsius, and the day they got married in the 1st week of June it was 80 farenheit!
  2. I don't get why it highlights the beaufort scale at violent storm 11 with winds of upto 72mph, correct me if I'm wrong but according to the timeline map shown below it, the winds were much higher than this? i.e; 94mph London, 134mph Normandy! :lol:
  3. Yeah I think we all remember the boxing day 98 storm, but the storms which hit a year previously during Dec 97 and the start of Jan 98 lasted alot longer and therefore caused huge amounts of damage!
  4. Why do people use the term hurricane when they're describing European Wind Storms!? We don't get hurricane's end of, our sea's arn't warm enougth!
  5. I was not even a year old when the storm struck so obviously to young to remember it, but I see footage of it on tv and my parents used to tell me about their memories of it. They woke about 3.30am to sound like a constant howling warewolf, my dad went downstairs to see what it was and noticed our double-glazed windows bending in with every gust, than saw our garden connifers bending over so far that the tops where touching the ground. My mum came down about 5 minutes later, slightly worried about what was going on! Than as she entered the kitchen my dad said, "There's a hell of a wind getting
  6. Yeah I seem to remember that aswell, it was quite warm and sunny. When you think of storms you expect the sky to be grey or dark or there to be heavy rain aswell, but this wasn't the case in 02 if it wernt for the severe winds it would have been a very pleasant autumn day! :huh:
  7. 2000 storm was very much the south, particularly the south east! Not sure about 2002 I think it was abit more widespread, but still generally south of Birmingham, I think the south west suffered worse on this occasion though! B)
  8. It's weird what people forget, for example everyone remembers the 76 heatwave but what about 95!? Anyone who's old enougth that thinks of snow thinks of 63 but what about 1991!?
  9. Was that 2005 storm the one which produced 125mph winds, and made the news the next morning?? I think I remember that one, cause it got quite windy down south aswell, but nothing like that bad I would say we experienced 50-60mph gusts!
  10. Everyone seems to remember 87 for obvious reasons i.e, it wasn't properly predicted and it caused more chaos in just a few hours than any other British weather event in living memory, people also remember than Burn's Day Storm in 1990 and some also mention the Christmas and Nu Year storms of 97/98, and more recently the massive storms that hit northern Europe and the UK last January. But who remembers these? 1996 - Tail end of Hurricane Lilly brings 80mph winds to Southern England! 2000 - Night of 29th/30th October brought most fearsome autumnul storm since 87 when 90mph plus winds hit South
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