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  1. One of the snowiest cities in the US is Flagstaff!
  2. Looking like a decent start is becoming increasingly likely.
  3. Sadly, any chase for us that day will have to be local to Denver. Quite significant differences in the jet profile between EC and GFS for the first half of the tour.
  4. Average high in Denver is 24c at this time of year. Today, they had a covering of snow with a max of 2c. I'll be there on Monday for storm chasing and it'll be back in the 20s...

    1. Scorcher


      Denver has a crazy climate even by American standards. Snow has fallen in every month except July and August

    2. Paul


      It's been a chilly year so far out there. 11c and drizzle in Oklahoma and San Antonia at 'only' 18c were highlights on tour 1!

  5. First official day on EC is looking tasty. Potent southwesterly jet, with spreads of 77/72 up into Kansas.
  6. You're not the only one saying that, quite a number of chasers on Stormtrack saying they'll avoid big risks in Oklahoma. Sounds like a good move, not only to avoid the frustration, but for safety as well. Can you imagine if yesterday panned out as dangerously as it could have?
  7. Early signs are giving me cautious optimism.
  8. Ah I'm in the Baymont too!
  9. Happy at losing 2-1 to your local rivals? Wowww. Each to their own.
  10. GFS goes out to +384 on all sites, that's now 29th May.
  11. I'm in the Baymont so have no idea! I'll probably just get an Uber. My experience of hotel shuttle buses is that you can often be left in arrivals for an eternity, worth a few bucks just to get an Uber with minimal wait.
  12. Beginning of Tour 3 now edging into GFS range. Let the obsessive run watching commence!
  13. The ludicrous decision to give OGS the job looks even more laughable. Get in City.
  14. Thanks to both teams for an incredible title race.
  15. Disaster. Tuesday is going to be grim. Well, Championship it is next season.
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