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  1. And let the forecaster bashing begin...

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    2. Stormyking


      How do they lie? They give out and say the information they are given and what they see, its not the forecasters fault. Storms are extremely difficult to predict, let alone to predict for exact locations! The fact of the matter is that there has been storms affecting parts of the UK, so there for there hasnt been any lies about there being storms affecting the UK lol.. Just a load were unlucky thats all... Its Weather, it does what it wants

    3. IanR


      I will tell you why they lie, last time storms were forcast a certain presenter said there are already storms marching out of east wales north eastwards, the was NO elecrtical activity just light rain at the time THATS A LIE get over it , stop making excuses for them , yes we know storms are unpredictable duh

    4. Stormyking


      It isnt even excuses... Ok fair enough i see the point where someone said there had been storms but there wasnt I get that, but all im saying is that a certain forecaster isnt every forecaster is it!! when was this so called last time? Just asking/saying...

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