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  1. On phone as my laptop went wrong this morning literally as I was viewing the 2nd half of the GFS run, was that a coincidence or is my laptop a cold weather fan?

  2. Why do some people think they can outguess the models and know for sure what they will show this evening?

  3. (without looking) are the toys and dummies out again?

    1. Jan


      yes I just popped in to MOD made a quick exit! Reading other threads we are in for a heatwave lol, all based on one run??

  4. Looks like I've been reminded why I tell myself to stay away from the model thread, without even going in there..

    1. Aaron


      The only issue I have is certain members preaching objectivity when they were the ones going overboard with ramping back in November and December, raising hopes to obscene levels only for them to be dashed. No, thanks. As knowledgeable as some of them may be, that doesn't prevent them from having extreme cases of double-standards, and that may be why people are getting frustrated.

    2. Village


      LOL @ Eugene :-)

    3. TonyH


      Funny Eugene LOL

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  5. Day 4 and counting without seeing the sun, and none forecast for me until the 9th, this spell is every bit as bad as I thought it could be

    1. TAFKAP


      At least it isn't raining. Cheer up!

    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      I prefer rain mixed with clearances containing sun :-) but I'm not too unhappy really just saying

  6. And literally as soon as I have to go to Spain: http://cdn.nwstatic.co.uk/gfsimages/gfs.20130104/00/372/h850t850eu.png LOL.. therefore this chart will be correct. I've known it all along for months.

  7. Don't worry folks, there will be lots of cold and snow from the 19th-26th January, particularly centered around Surrey and maybe Devon..

  8. Quite a bit of sunshine today. Definitely the best day of the year so far.

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      A brilliant start to 2013 today lots of sunshine around and the breeze is helping dry the washing as well

    2. Supacell


      People complaining about lack of cold but in addition to being the best day of the year so far it is also the coldest! :p

    3. Aaron


      Yes, I fear today will be the coldest day of 2013. :-P

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  9. GFS 12Z is probably the most awful run for boring cloudy mild NW side of high pressure weather I've seen for ages

  10. Hope with these charts coming up that high pressure can build over us enough to give some brightness/cooler nights rather than just cloudy mild possibly drizzly weather here in the SW

  11. Kind of glad we don't have a raging easterly this weekend now as our boilers broken down!

    1. Aaron


      Our boiler broke down in the midst of the December 2010 cold spell - it was bloody freezing. Whatever gas company you have should provide you with electric heaters until the problem is resolved.

    2. Harsh Climate

      Harsh Climate

      My boiler broke down along with the heating in my car in 2010, wouldn't have traded that cold spell for anything though :)

  12. Well at least I won't have to worry about whether I'll be able to go home for Christmas next weekend lol

  13. Even I'm slightly surprised by how the model output has changed today.. so much for that easterly, looks like I could be getting my excitment from deep Atlantic lows instead (now watch them change back now I've said that) lol

    1. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      A little, but it is becoming the same story each time we see a good easterly or North-Easterly showing since 2011 started, it'll be great just to have some extreme weather for a change.

    2. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      In saying that though it isn't game over yet and will still be cold and frosty at times next week.

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Yeah agree Gavin, especially after that Express headline yesterday.. I

      Probs shouldn't be surprised really. Yeah still frosty and who knows what awaits down the line

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  14. Lol most members online 1962.. what followed on from that?

    1. BurntFishTrousers
    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      and a particular winter, though for some reason this morning it's changed to showing 1961 as the most online..

  15. Brr -9.6c at Loch Glacarnoch at 5pm!

    1. A Winter's Tale
    2. andy100
    3. gottolovethisweather


      isn't it strange how quickly these cold spells start to envelop us once some snow starts covering a few regions. Whilst one eye is firmly fixed on future output, the present seems to offer something rather nice. It does have a real 2010 feel to things right now but let's get the next few days out of the way first.

  16. Seems I took my snow shield to Egham

  17. Actually a decent frost in Egham this morning - the first I've seen here lol

    1. stainesbloke


      Decent frost in Staines too!

  18. So in the last 7 days my Davis VP2 has recorded 160mm of rain! (Located in East Devon) Holy moly...

    1. Andy Bown

      Andy Bown

      Jeez that's crazy. I thought what is now 121mm in West Wiltshire was ridiculous!

    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Never thought we'd get so much.. 67mm on Saturday onto very saturated ground.. with obvious consequences! Will hopefully post some pics once I've got this Uni report done.

  19. And the 3rd major weather and flood event in a row I've just missed, as have to be stuck in boring Egham :( next stop: coldest snowiest week of winter the week I have to be in Spain in January. Probably more likely than any other forecast.

  20. Is anyone actually interested in any other type of weather at this time of year? lol

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    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      SS I think you summed up why I can like rain/gales better than me.

      Yeah I'm not a fan of anticyclonic gloom or dull drizzly Atlantic weather either, need the lows further south so more active changeable weather here.

      Nothing wrong with people liking/not liking whatever weather they want (hope my comment's didn't imply otherwise) was just a little surprised not many take interest in other types than cold/snow, or possibly don't understand some others liking active low...

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      ..s etc on a weather forum.

    4. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      Sometimes some areas of the forum become so dominated by desire for one type of weather that those who enjoy other types of weather are deterred from posting- a bit like with settled and warm anticyclonic type weather in summer. There's no doubt that cold/snow is the most popular passion in winter, but I'm sure there are more members interested in other types of weather than it sometimes appears!

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  21. Reading some posts on this forum it seems like winter alternates between off/over and on almost daily at the moment.. lol

    1. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      Same every year, peoples attitudes flip flop like the charts lol Things are looking very positive atm..

    2. Coast


      Welcome to our World!!!!!

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Yep, and was off again this morning lol.. not looked through threads since then but maybe the 06z GFS turned it back on again.. sure it's even worse this year but maybe I'm just noticing it more lol

  22. Did we used to get these tree diseases threatening to wipe out most of a tree species across continents (i.e 100's - 1000's of years ago), or is it a result of humans in some way?

    1. frogesque


      It's evolution. New disease, new threat, survivors have restance so new diseases have to get even more clever. Been going on for millions of years. Trouble is we are so short sighted we only see things in the space of one generation.

    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      thanks and all your comments make sense, I just thought in the past were there really 3 species(e.g like recently Elm, Horse Chestnut, and now Ash)becoming diseased in 50 years, because they've managed to survive all this time before, but then I guess the species recovers eventually. Thought it might make pollen analysis to determine past climate etc less reliable too.

    3. TonyH


      Dutch Elm Disease has occurred periodically since prehistory. The Chestnut and Ash diseases seem more a product of the importation of trees from the Continent.

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  23. Has the NW Original scale been taken of the NW Extra Radar? Great shame if so IMO. It's the one I use and prefer it way more than the others as it shows precip well at high resolution from light-absolutely torrential intensities..

    1. Paul


      It's been retired I'm afaid - give the nw new scale a try - it has the same detail at the top of the scale & better vis at the low end too :-)

    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Sorry just seen this - see my reply on the need help thread, I have tried it and will prob use that now. I guess I just preferred the NW Original.

  24. Have moved into uni now! and also yet again as soon as I go away home gets hit by major weather events like I haven't seen for ages with flooding.. further proof the weather hates me.. can only laugh really.

    1. BornFromTheVoid


      Wait until the reports of thunderstorms start coming in! Always happens to me...

    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      haha that happened the 1 week I was gone in summer, ah well :)

  25. Currently Wishing I lived in N Cornwall/Devon by the sand and the surf..

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