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  1. Probably the only summer I'd rate 'poor' overall from 2013-2019 here. June was alright. Slightly sunnier than average. July was slightly cooler, duller, and wetter than average. August was cooler, dull and very wet, with just 3 days exceeding 22C (two reached 24C) and 155mm of rain. It's also the only summer in my records (2008-present) to not reach 25C here, more surprising considering the then July record going at Heathrow! Highest was 24.7C on the 30th June. Cloud, onshore breeze, and the plume shifting east of here meant the 1st July reached 24.5C. It was 23.8C around 3a
  2. Well this clump of rain further north than expected has stopped any chances here so far (while anything with interesting heaviness misses here). Sounds very familiar to the only day in that June convective spell where I had a chance, only for a rain band to be much further south and scupper it. Question is, will the clearance coming into Cornwall lead to developments? Looking very quiet currently.
  3. I agree, it's surprising how often people seem to apparently be offended by other people's weather preferences.
  4. This is between Beer and Branscombe in East Devon. One of my favourite parts of the coast around here. Sea breeze was a bit stronger yesterday and 19-20C right on the coast but hopefully not too chilly. 20C at 8:30pm at my location as the sea breeze died which was quite pleasant. A nice enough morning today, more cloud and maybe showery bits of rain coming in though.
  5. Hopefully holiday makers are happy enough with the weather down here so far this week. Low 20's and sunny or sunny spells. This was yesterday, warm enough for shorts and t-shirt especially doing a walk like this. Felt hot enough in the sun.. I'd like some 'warm evenings' weather but that would probably mean it's a bit hot to do walks like this in the day (for me at least), so swings and roundabouts. Looking at the satellite image today.. looks poor away from the south again though.
  6. We had 4.6C on the 11th July here, 6.3C yesterday and 5.3C today. Although I live in Devon 3 miles from the coast, we're almost on the floodplain of a river valley so get cool nights all year. In contrast, a weather station 300m from the coast in Sidmouth, and less than 3 miles from me, had a low of 12.7C last night, and the lowest they've had this month is 10.7C. The lowest I've recorded in July (2008-present) is 3.7C on the 31st July 2015. Most July's get a minimum of 6-7C, although in 2018 the lowest was 8.8C.
  7. Almost posted yesterday, that 850hpa temperatures looked warmer over the North Pole than the UK for today.. then I thought I'd better not. Nice day at the surface down here though, 21-22C and mostly sunny.
  8. Not sure, but there's studies for example of 16 UK sites where both CS and KZ recorders were used simultaneously, that show the relationship for the UK: https://rmets.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/wea.2288 https://rmets.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1256/wea.99.03 Surely there must have be a difference in instrumentation or methods between the UK and other locations you mention, either before they changed from CS to KZ or after? Either that, or the 'cloud climate' of the UK really is anomalously different to these other places (even France and New Zealand?), for example if w
  9. First time I've probably stayed up to look for it when it's clear. Can see it with my naked eye and it looks good through my binoculars. Seems I may have missed it looking better though.. Also have just discovered I can make out 4 of Jupiter's moons through my binoculars!
  10. Tbh those temperatures would be at least slightly above average for any coastal location in the UK, and if there's not a significant breeze anyway, you will usually get a sea breeze develop. Although don't think I've ever felt chilly in 23-25C, so maybe one had developed and brought the local temperature down a bit.
  11. Just a thought, maybe people could be allowed to like whatever weather they wish? After all, it doesn't effect the actual weather... πŸ˜‰ A better day here today, 23C and sunny.
  12. A bit cool on the 'lesser two' of the top performing models I suppose ECM, UKMO, GFS, GEM ECM still alright for most at T+192 I agree the summer's been a bit poor so far, and I understand the frustration. However there's some settled charts in the output, my next 7 days forecast on the Met Office is no rain, low 20's, and decent sunny spells. I guess that's not a total crap fest. Unless people are just talking about the unreliable day 9+ timeframe, I guess..
  13. Yeah.. it's a total crap fest on the 12z's... I'm sure the expectations and criteria for no moaning get worse each year πŸ˜‰
  14. I agree there, and the Met Office bashing that broke out earlier because the outlook or models don't show what people want (if that's suited to any thread on this forum)
  15. I'd say 23.1C was quite near the 1981-2010 average if the very warmest stations have 23.5C as the average. At least it's not 2012 which had 3 days over 20C by this point here. We get far less days over 25C here at my near-coastal location. It can be just a few a year, or in 2015, none!! I'd like more ideally but it can't be a deal breaker as the SW is the most popular UK 'staycation' area.
  16. Is this really the worst summer people can remember in places like Yorkshire and Hampshire i.e. worse than 2012? I suppose the weather can vary a lot around the country.. however here 2012 gave 186mm of rain in June, then 74mm in 24 hours on the 6-7th July with severe flooding, and a max of 14.2C (I was in Holland with 27C and sunshine ironically). In 2012, a whopping 3 days had exceeded 20C by this date, and only by the 23rd July, did that rise above 4 days. June 2012 mean max: 17.4C This year, 13 days above 20C so far, 4 above 25C. 96mm in June, 7.8mm so far in July. June 2020
  17. It's not been quite as bad down here, for example to the south of the weather front and in the lee of Dartmoor the last 3 days have seen maxima of 20.5C, 21.9C, and 20.3C. Although I was in North Devon yesterday where the weather was worse. Rather cloudy though, and a humid feel. All maxima since 18th June have been over 18C. However, if this is the flavour of summer as a whole it would be the first one I'd call 'poor' overall here since 2015 and then 2012. It kind of feels later in the year than it really is to me. Due to early Autumn (or recent August) like weather recently, but als
  18. Nothing here again. Oh look it's good up north again today, and oh look it's good up north tomorrow. The Outer Hebridies have had several rounds of storms more intense and longer lasting than anything I seem to be able to dream of here. Storms away from the south coast started the day I was back to work so couldn't even chase in the SW Off to register my place in the no storms club.. If anyone says somewhere up north is the least thundery part of the UK.. think they have it wrong.
  19. Lol yes I'm in the next village over so have a good view of the weather there ?
  20. I can confirm there is Ac Cas in Newton Poppleford ? A fair bit in various directions. Quite dark to the SW with Ac Cas and other mid/high level cloud. In fact it's quite a thundery sky considering what looks like a light band of rain is approaching on radar.. Maybe it's a sign something will break out as it drifts north of here lol. The Jersey stuff, if it survives, will go east of here. All pretty predictable.
  21. Funny how the cooling affect of the channel always seems much greater once you get to Devon.. East of Devon, you very quickly find yourself in the high 20's just inland.. but once you reach the Devon boarder, it suddenly it takes longer. By 7pm just a couple miles inland in Dorset it's over 25C.. but sub-25C air makes it all the way to the north coast in Devon? The forecast maps actually show a stronger onshore breeze as you go east.. so this temperature behaviour doesn't really make much sense to me. Tomorrow as well: Plymouth often ends up being warmer than here even t
  22. I don't have statistics or such a good memory of 2007, but on balance I'd probably go for 2012. 2012 was certainly wetter here, no doubt the wettest on record. June: 186mm, July: 149.4mm. August: 136.2mm. Total: 471.6mm! Also severe flooding in this area on the 7th July (unlike 2007 that was just wet with us missing the flooding rains). 2012 did however have an overhead thunderstorm with frequent lightning at 4am on the 28th June. Also another late evening thunderstorm in August. It also had a very warm few days in late July (one was a touch warmer than any days 2008-2011), and some wa
  23. Had some rumbles of thunder on Wednesday from a storm that formed a few miles away as it drifted off while we remained in sunshine. Yesterday looked like we finally had a chance of something overhead here, but the rain band was further south so it was rather wet instead.. some heavier embedded showers and convection still, but the most intense ones managed to go either side and all around here.. so normal service in that respect. Just a mile away had a torrential downpour with lots of surface water but that only clipped here. Still pretty wet, but not as high as some totals locally and w
  24. Another one for 2019 being alright.. though I think that's partly down to regional differences. We seemed to have more 'consistent' weather, especially in July, than some areas. June did have some poor weather but seemingly not as bad as some parts and we ended up near average due to the end of the month. July was consistently warm, mean max 1.5C above average. 22 consecutive dry days to the 18th and drier than July 2018 ironically. Sunshine above average. August had some poor weather again but temps averaged a near-slightly above average value, with that warm/hot bank holiday weekend.
  25. Ah that's a good one. I thought there was a better chart than the ones I posted but I managed to miss that. Hopefully my post wasn't a bit OTT but negativity had annoyed me a bit. Anyway, I guess this spell has gone on a bit longer than those examples and it will depend on how things pan out after next week's more 'average' weather (with showers and thunderstorm risk), as to how the month overall will rate. I'm hoping for some more sun too. We've had a few poor days here (also had my first thunder yesterday though not as close as you), though I think we haven't done as badly as some are
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