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  1. 'Bitterly cold' is becoming a very overused term...

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    2. Mokidugway


      Liberal conspiracy,it's everywhere,god help us.

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Haha indeed, according to our local forecast a slightly below average 6-7C is bitterly cold..

    4. coldcomfort


      I created a thread about precisely this kind of things a while back....I have heard the terms bitterly cold, very raw and icy wind used several times this winter, but not once with an ambient temp forecast to be a sitting at less that 5c. It's just getting silly now, media forecasters have completely lost all sense of perspective regarding temps. It's not just with regard to cold too, I can remember back in Nov when we had minima around 14c, (OK very mild for the time of year) a BBC forecaster described it as a 'very uncomfortable night for sleeping'...utter drivel.

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