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  1. Sat at work in Sheffield and there is nothing. Whilst at home....
  2. Heavy snow here and looks like a long string of showers to come.
  3. Just woke up for a peek and it’s very disappointing. Slap bang in the middle of this amber warning so hope it gets better soon.
  4. Nice. Wonder if I’ll make it to work in Sheffield tomorrow. Then meant to be going up to Leeds too!
  5. Certainly looks to be building intensity over the Humber now?
  6. I didn’t think things are meant to get interesting until the early hours?
  7. Well we have snow forecast for 43 hours from 11pm tonight. 19 of those heavy so hopefully we will see something!
  8. Plenty up near owler bar this morning. A little adventure. Wind chill was brutal
  9. Just turned to snow again here. Only light though currently
  10. Pretty disappointing here so far, turned to snow earlier and then back to rain. Some flakes in the rain now.
  11. Well I do hope we get something memorable. Would love to wake up to my car buried again like 2010!
  12. Certainly looking interesting her Saturday night into Sunday morning.
  13. we only have a few cm here, seems to have melted as quick as it has fallen!
  14. getting heavier again here. Doesn't seen to be accumulating though?
  15. been snowing here since around 8am. nice covering and roads are white over
  16. Pretty heavy snow in Bolsover Chesterfield now, starting to stick
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