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  1. This is amazing. Just woke up and looked out the window and cant ever remeber seeing snow falling like this. Im assuming we are going to wake up to scenes like 2010 here
  2. Still snowing here. Looks pretty nasty out there with the wind too. Hoping we get some more through the night!
  3. Cant believe the difference at work in rotherham to home Bolsover, chesterfield. Loads more snow at home, some main roads still covered in snow and still light snow. Most schools still closed tomorrow also. Any chance of any more to come tonight?
  4. We have about 10 cm in bolsover chesterfield and plenty more to come looking at the radar! Lot more here than at work in Rotherham.
  5. All looking very good for here. Snow forecast by met all week. 6 hours heavy snow tues and 48 hours of snow friday/sat with 12 hours heavy!!! Ill take that!
  6. Heaviest snow of the day in Chesterfield. Looks like we could get it falling for a while looking at the radar
  7. Looks to be intensifying on its northern edge. Met still forcasting heavy snow for me in chesterfield from now until 1pm??
  8. Dissapointing for me in chesterfield but it does look to be intensifying on its northern edge. Met still giving heavy snow from now until 1pm here
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