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  1. Likes: - The start of the snow watch - Cycling through crispy leaves on a chilly morning - Halloween Dislikes: - Cold mornings so you take a coat and cardigan, maybe a scarf and gloves just in case, and when you go out for lunch the sun is out and you are melting in your layers. - The ever encroaching darkness
  2. Rainy and grey in Bristol. Slightly chilly but the flat is 19 degrees so not uncomfortably so.
  3. New Avengers Movie

    I not very enamoured with the new trailer. Of course that may be because I don't understand the context of the film as I haven't read the comics. But I am excited for the actual film because I really like the Marvel movies... and Chris Hemsworth.
  4. What was the last thing you ate and drank?

  5. What was the last thing you ate and drank?

    I gave in, and grabbed myself a glass of sherry whilst I was in the kitchen. You wouldn't believe I was only 24 would you!
  6. Halloween Weather!

    Well I'm going clubbing that night so I'd rather it not be too cold as I hate taking jackets and coats with me.
  7. What was the last thing you ate and drank?

    A mince pie. The mint matchmakers are calling my name as well.
  8. 12 degrees inside, though I'm considering arguing for it to be 14. Also no, I use the heater in my car when it's cold. I have an 03 ford KA, so I don't think it would actually turn on if I didn't use the heater.
  9. Does the heater in the car count? If so then yes, I've used it for the last two days. The boyfriend is still adamant that the heating in the flat isn't going on until it hits 12 degrees. Up until then, it's thermals all the way.
  10. My OH and I tried the tea light convection heater. It seems that our rooms are slightly too big for it to make much difference. Though it is good for putting underneath the clothes horse to help dry out towels and bulky stuff, as I have no way of drying clothes outside being in a top flat.
  11. It's not on here yet. I've just moved into a 1 bed flat with my OH so can control the heating myself. I was in a shared house before and didn't have complete control, though I did go around adjusting all the radiaters. When the sun is shining the flat isn't too bad, usuallly hovers between 15-16 degrees, and goes to 17 when we cook dinner. The thermals and extra jumpers have been out for about a month now.
  12. lol at granny pants. what a horrid day, not in the mood to do my uni work

  13. loved the armageddon post lol

  14. Make us laugh

    Do you know how many men it takes to put the toilet seat down? Nor do we, it's never happened before!
  15. Lol my friend is 17 and your old enough to be her dad!!!! Also she has a boyfriend!