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  1. Just out of interest, as a "heat lover", what is your heating thermostat set to in winter? 34'c?
  2. Definitely be glad when this comes to an end, us Brits work ourselves up into a frenzy when the hot weather comes due to the typically grey and dull conditions our island is famous for. But the truth is that, in countries where these conditions are common, the locals are sensible and avoid being exposed for too long, hoping for cooler conditions. There's this weird thing over here where it's seen as a bit of a weakness or a bit suspicious if you don't unconditonally welcome hot weather. As a golfer, these conditions are terrible for the course and for being uncomfortable to play in,
  3. Not sure if I'm in the right thread, the new regional splits are a bit confusing West London, looking West
  4. So was that the much hyped "RETURN OF SUMMER!!!" ?? What a grubby period of stuffy, grey dreariness Let's have some crisp, sunny autumnal weather now please
  5. Yeah had a couple of absolute beasts here the last couple of weeks, a sure sign that Autumn is fast approaching. Doesn't last long from memory though, they tend to disappear back into walls/floors again before the end of August I think? The trick I think, for anyone with arachnophobia, is light. They only come out in the dark normally. Once I've turned the lights off downstairs of an evening, I try and avoid heading back down if possible!
  6. far nicer today, still a bit too muggy for my liking, but was able to cut the lawn and do a bit in the garden 30+ is fine if you're plodding around the beach with nothing to do, but I got things that need doing and this last week nothing has been done a nice sunny, 22/23'c August please and maybe I'll be able to start playing golf again after giving up at the beginning of grass pollen season and continuing my hiatus due to the heat!!
  7. Wow, massive strike and crack of thunder just half a mile from here, listening to Heathrow and they're talking about it on the ATC freqs.
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