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  1. The Cheltenham festival gets underway at 1.30pm on Tuesday of next week. Surely the weather gods are not going to be unkind this year - not after the Equine flu outbreak in Feb which was bad enough!
  2. When Dawn Run won the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 1986, I was with connections of Wayward Lad who finished second. They were so gracious as the crowd went wild!
  3. As this winter appears to have slipped away, is anybody interested in re-vising this interesting topic? I kept weather diaries from mid 1967 (I was 11 at the time). I also tried to indicate what the BBC weather forecast was for the coming day if an "interesting" weather day appeared to be just around the corner. We were in Coventry at the time. If anyone is interested, I will check back but I am sure there were unexpected snowfalls in lowland southern England in 1968, 1969 & 1970. I certainly have a very clear memory of the very first time our school was closed due to heavy snow - 4th March 1970.
  4. I agree. At the time I thought all winters were going to be like that. I was sadly disappointed. Much like the demise of the Sky Blues!
  5. I remember the day really well. At school, living in Coventry. I had been to see the Super Sky Blues (as they were then) lose 2-3 at home to Liverpool the previous evening, 3rd March. I am sure snow was not forecast that evening. The next day we woke to really heavy, driving snow. I would say it was the heaviest I had seen. I was 14 at the time. At the time my estimate was 30cm of snow and a max temperature close to -1c. The snow lasted until mid-afternoon. The cause of the snow was a depression moving from the north west. Some parts of western England were in the warm sector for some hours and saw heavy snow followed by rain followed by back edge heavy snow. It was the first - and only time - that our school closed because of snow!
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