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  1. Never heard it called that before. So far this year, I've only managed to dig over my smallish veg plot in order to let the frost get to it. The seed potatoes are chitting on the windowsill and the onion sets are still bagged up by the back door. I daren't start anything off in the greenhouse yet, as it's not heated. All in all, a bit sad really.
  2. jtay


    From the album: Avon Valley Path

  3. Ha. Just flicked Russia Today on. They're interviewing dear old Mr Corbyn.
  4. jtay

    Make us laugh

    Girlfriend says, 'We're so in tune'. I say, 'Was it not the first one you laid your eyes on then?' We're both pathetic.
  5. Southampton 3-1 Man City. Massive result.

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      If Man U win tomorrow the title race is over

    2. jtay


      I'd go along with that. Big result for the other end too. Can't see Saints going down on this form.

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    From the album: Avon Valley Path

    08/02/13 Spot the heron competition. 1st prize has already gone.
  7. Yes, I know the series, I remember watching it as a lad. It was beautifully shot. Bob James and Chris Yates were the anglers. The 2nd part of this one (~3:47 in) http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=hp1w-cljHrM was filmed on the Longford Estate waters, which pass by about 500 yards from where I am now. Lovely to look at and walk by, but I couldn't afford to fish it.
  8. Yep, have a coconut. Yes, near the bakery, if you know it. Thought they'd probably be young trout. Cheers.
  9. Looking out on such a dull scene now, it's hard to believe the day started like this. Spot the heron to win a prize. Half an hour or so later down the track, Downton's resident black swans came to see me. On the bridge looking down. I'm assuming they're small brown trout, but Cerneman will probably know.
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    Thanks Karl83
  11. jtay


    hahaha. Thanks.
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    From the album: Avon Valley Path

  13. jtay


    From the album: Avon Valley Path

  14. There you go QS. A new low. What's more, the camera didn't even focus. To paraphrase an old Irish priest - those knives are not very far away.
  15. Watched a Barn Owl hunting it's prey earlier, just as the sun was starting to set. Haven't seen one out so early before. Unfortunately, by the time I'd found the camera it was over the next field, so out of range for my happy snap bit of kit. Anyway, here it is several hundred yards away. It's not a seagull... honest.
  16. Hello cerneman, I go with toms, yellow courgettes (you'll get loads) in growbags + chilies and sweet peppers in the greenhouse. I grow peas, dwarf french beans, carrots (purple are great), onions and spuds outside. As we're southerners, we can probably start our toms a few weeks earlier than 4wd. Keep feeding and pinching the sideshoots once they get going. A lack of pinching and you'll get a mass of unmanageable growth. Things like broadbeans are good, but suffer from blackfly in my experience. It might sound daft, but grow things that store well and that you'll use to start with. It's great
  17. Might just have made a significant leap forward in Yorkshire pudding technology... Saved the previous 6 pint milk container, into which the required amount of milk and water was decanted. The size of the container and a full-on lengthy shake put in masses of bubbles, more than I could ever whisk in. Poured out the now frothy liquid and mixed in the egg, flour and seasoning and added the batter to the hot oil. Must have got a good 2 1/2 inches on those bad boys. Almost worth a photo, but that would have meant sinking to a new low.
  18. Ginger Nuts and Chocolate Digestives have been co-located. What kind of person...?

  19. I'd recommend Sungold if you get the chance to grow some more. I grew them along with Roma and Gardeners' Delight last year. With the weather being so poor, the Sungold still did well and therefore make a good insurance plant if we're in for the same this year. Sungold are a cherry variety that are ripe when orange. They were the first to the plate by quite some distance and taste great too.
  20. Anyone know how Spurs are getting on?

    1. jtay
    2. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Spurs are out lost 2-1

    3. Bristle boy

      Bristle boy

      Dreadful performance by Spurs. Some of 'em didnt look like they fancied it. Seemed to me that some of 'em didnt know what it would be like playing against Warnock's Leeds in Yorkshire!

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