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  1. How did you catch me on camera?
  2. Ran the bar at the village bbq on Saturday. A polypin of this was bought in from one of the local breweries - http://www.downtonbrewery.com/ Very light, bit citrusy. Perfect for the lovely weather. It didn't last long before we had to switch to bottles.
  3. Thanks both. Never knew young starlings were a dull grey. Always thought they were starling coloured. Now thinking the birds in the field are something else. Will try to get some snaps.
  4. Can anybody tell me what these are? I've seen them in the fields over the last week, but last evening they were flying around the gardens. They behave like starlings, flying around in small flocks. Their call is more of a trill.
  5. Amen to that. Big flies. Back door's open, window's open and I swear it's the same one doing laps around the house.
  6. Way ahead of you Coast, but alas, it's not to be. I even checked the closing times for Monkey World, so I could pack her off there to see her namesake.
  7. Yeah, I'll probably leave that to the pro's for the time being. Do you know this lot over near Bere Regis - http://www.sunnyrepublic.com ? They've got a brewery tour next Thursday evening, which may or may not be your thing. My Entertainment Prevention Officer has put the mockers on me attending, but they're not too far away if you're in Verwood.
  8. Ha. We'll do that for the first all-grain brew
  9. Homebrew update.... Had a go on one earlier. A week too soon as it's still conditioning, but took the hit for the sake of science. It's a bit green and still needs to settle down. Didn't pour it away though. Full report next weekend.
  10. He didn't use a candle stick, but it was still an atrocity. Must be getting old.
  11. Professor green No idea who he was until 20 minutes ago... I thought it was Lee Nelson.
  12. You're not from New York City, you're from Rotherham.

  13. They were on BBC Alba last Saturday evening. The Hebridean Celtic Festival from last year I think. Better than that voice nonsense. Anyway, got soaked this morning so came back singing this. It must get posted constantly in here at this time of year.
  14. Bus fares. Over 6 quid for a 14 minute, 5 mile journey into Salisbury. Pointless form of transport around here.
  15. An excellent talk last evening from a former BBC Gardener of the year, no less.'The Cutting Garden' took inspiration from Sarah Raven's Perch Hill and included lots of shots of the speaker's Dorset garden, taken only yesterday morning.We learnt how even veggies, such as parnips can give something worthy of a display when running to seed.The top tip for the evening was to keep cutting annuals, even when they're not needed, in order to keep them flowering throughout the season.The talk was supported by 5 pages of text/pics to take away, ranging from Propagating for the Cutting Garden, 20 top tip
  16. Could anyone ride your Chopper? Or what about the Grifter? Still got the massive hole in my knee to prove ownership.
  17. Yep, mine are so slow this year too. Always go with the yellow ones these days. Fry them up with broad beans and garlic. Magic on toast. Gardening Club in a bit, 'The Cutting Garden'. Full report to follow tomorrow.
  18. Does radio count in here? The Infinite Monkey Cage is back. On R4 now.
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