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  1. Yeah, it was a bit of a starwars sunset, but they never come out on the phone.
  2. I was chatting to our mates 16 year old daughter the other week, asking about her playlist and telling her about some new albums we'd bought. She said 'bought?, nobody pays for music anymore'. She uses her Dad's Spotify account. Spotify is great for searching out new music. When I've found what I like, I try to buy the album, or go and see them. Many won't, so what's in it for the artists? Without promoters, management, etc, they won't make the mainstream, unless they get lucky. No surprise that artists/bands that do make it these days are from middle class backgrounds an
  3. There was much more money about in 99 and the years proceeding it. That's why you get so many one man/woman bands these days. Being in a band just doesn't pay, until you're playing the big venues. I was reading an article the other week about one of the members of Wild Beasts, who's gone out on his own and just couldn't make touring pay. I think he's got a job now. There's still plenty going on, but it's not mainstream. One aspect that I do like these days is the different projects that artists get into. Perhaps because they have to? I like a US Band called Wye Oak. Jenn Wasner
  4. The Knack - My Sharona was a single. 🤢
  5. Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch. 1999. Edit : The Discovery Channel one....
  6. Pop music has been cr*p for decades. That's why it's pop music. Same reason fast food is popular. Marketing, saturation, but ultimately it's not good for you. We don't have kids, but I definately wouldn't want my 12 year listening to The Stones - Under my thumb. It's down to me The difference in the clothes she wears Down to me, the change has come She's under my thumb And ain't it the truth babe? Under my thumb It's a squirmin' dog who's just had her day Under my thumb A girl who has just changed her ways Or The Beatles - Run for your Life Well, I'd
  7. Lovely out earlier. OH met her mates in Hedge End last night. She said they had a bit of rain. Nothing up here. I'm sure it'll be fine, but you couldn't make this up.... 🙄
  8. Dear Christ... 25 years ago to the day that the Warchild - Help album was released to raise funds for children affected by the war in Bosnia. Re-released today in digital format.
  9. Looks like today's clearance will come from the North. Bro and Mother round for a BBQ at 5ish. Come on the Sun... 🤞
  10. It was dull when walking earlier, but it's trying to brighten up now. Just been out to water the tomatoes and it's quite warm.
  11. It got quite heavy down here. I was out potting my biennials on and had to put the sun brolly up. Still got wet. Feared for the Cricket at the Rose Bowl, but it fizzled as quickly as it appeared. Lovely again now.
  12. Yup. I think they changed the light sequencing today. Rain heading in. I stuffed up at the butcher's this morning, so we're having to have a BBQ. We'll be OK, but will the T20 International at the Rose Bowl?
  13. That bit of rain caught us. There's a patch of brightness out to the West, but the rest of the day looks a bit meh. Tomorrow looks alright, so we're planning to head off to Swanage earlyish, for a wander and a Fish 'n' Chips lunch, I reckon.
  14. There were four off Bournemouth yesterday. Cracking day, so far today. Really lovely.
  15. Not very nice out now, but sticking with it. Bits of brightness to the West, East and South, but thick cloud here that ain't gonna shift. Edit: Might be wrong. Hope so. It's trying to brighten up.
  16. Walked from Westbourne to Sandbanks early on. Really nice in the Sunshine. Overheard the kiosk workers saying that yesterday was busy. Sandbanks was getting going, as we were heading back. Back home to more cloud than blue, but it's not bad.
  17. Sat out of the wind and it's lovely in the Sunshine. Listening to the footie, the breeze and a green woodpecker squawking in next door's garden.
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