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  1. All gone very dark to the South and they're off at the Rose Bowl. OH somewhere in the forest, eating out to help out, presumably inside now. Of course, it's sunny here. Any excitement dodging us, as per. Edit : Brief heavy shower now. Big old drops.
  2. And at the end of the line is the Rose Bowl, just as we have Pakistan on the ropes. They're on now though and hopefully it's sinking South. Cloudy and dull here.
  3. Yeah, we were walking back from Downton and got a bit wet. Then 10 mins after getting home, it went nuts. Highcliffe to Mudeford earlier. Brief shower at 9ish. Now in Fawley where it's bright and windy.
  4. Got absolutely soaked this morning. Quite enjoyed in though. Had to get changed in the shed. 🌧️
  5. Yep, saw that to our South. Sunny here, but lovely cloudscapes all around.
  6. Quick sharp shower just rattled through. It'll no doubt pep up, as it heads NE.
  7. We can hear distant thunder from what must be the cell to the NE. Only expecting rain here though.
  8. We're just about to lose the Sun at 26c on the nose. TMS just described the Rose Bowl at Hedge End, as overcast.
  9. Excellent forecasting from @CheesepuffScott to pick Eastbourne for his hols this week.
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