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  1. Sorry DXR, I disagree. The radiation from CH regions is indistinguishable from quiet sun regions except at the higher end of the spectrum - not cooler, or darker (in infrared to visible wavelengths), unlike sunspots. The CH's are always found at both of the poles of the sun, but tend to echo earlier sunspot disturbances towards the mid latitudes, as if they are remnants of the magnetic disturbance that was previously seen as the sunspot. Towards the solar minimum, CH activity takes over from sunspots and flares, causing auroras on earth. The CH areas represent areas of open magnetic field line
  2. If this deep minimum had happened fifty years ago, when the greatest sunspot maximum of the C20 was going on, would the amateur radio movement ever have got off the ground as it did? How would it have changed society?
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  4. Maybe time to review the Ig Nobel prizewinners for the last few years
  5. Would you like to see another feature? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K05mi7G3jIk...player_embeddedVisit My Website
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    September 1st 2008

    Trees and leaves in Worthing, Sussex
  7. http://www.snowballearth.org/index.html What it says on the box, an educational resource for evidence, theories and criticisms re. Snowball Earth. IMO, there should be more sites like this.
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