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  1. Non stop torrential rain here! Everything flooded, drains over flowing and constant thunder. I'm under the heaviest rainfall on the radar. Crazy!
  2. Heavy persistent rain here, grey skies and the odd clap of thunder. Quite cool outside now compared to this morning.
  3. Light snow for a while now. Grass and roof of house covered but road and paths just wet.
  4. Steady, moderate snow has brought a very thin covering to all surfaces. Still keeping expectations very low for later.
  5. Yes, definate change in direction meaning areas of interest for here are moving down the coast.
  6. I'm not sure they are actual radar images.... don't think the North Sea is covered?
  7. Very poor show here. Significantly lowered my expectations and put the sledge away!
  8. Very light snow here now. The shower tracked from Filey originally so that's where my focus on the radar will be!
  9. The showers between Scarborough and Bridlington are heavy and look to be heading towards West Yorkshire. Hopefully they maintain their intensity! Just a light covering of ice pellets here this morning so far.
  10. If you want to know what showers will hit Leeds-ish area then you need to look at Flamborough Head. Currently it's in a dry spot but the gaps are closing. Hopefully a couple of hours and snow will be falling in West Yorkshire!
  11. Finally, the North Sea seems to be starting to come to life!
  12. Unfortunately all the heavy snow from last night has melted. Tiny bits of dandruff blowing around in the wind. Radar looks promising for later.
  13. Really coming down now, cars and grass starting to cover over. Intensity seems to increase as the showers reach the m1 near Wakefield.
  14. Snowing here now. It seems to have intensified in front of the "dragon" as per these radar snap shots.
  15. Definate change to a wintry mix here. Wind also picked up and feels bitter. Another hour or so and I imagine it will be all snow.
  16. Radar snap shots show how the rain is turning slowly to snow. Hopefully in a couple of hours it'll be down to low levels.
  17. The wiggle in the isobar shows there could be disturbances in the easterly flow = chance of more significant snow.
  18. Starting to look like a very good period of winter weather approaching. Yesterday's snow is slowly fading but it looks like it could get interesting early next week. I'd agree with the 10-20cm for much of West Yorkshire. Easterlies with showers generally make it much further inland than modelled and can become heavy and persistent. What we need to see on the met office fax charts are the "trees". Not sure if their scientific name, but they show areas where showers are heavy and persistent.... you can see them in the North Sea on the attached chart.
  19. Can hear distant rumbles now. It looks like the large storm will stick mostly to the east of the M1. It looks like it is on a collision course with York.
  20. More showers a long the line I drew earlier, but also one a little further west that I've circled red Is there scope for more than one round of storms for lucky spots?
  21. Very basic doodle attached... let's see if any more showers form along this line.
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