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    Metal Detecting

    Not sure if anyone is interested but after two years of doing Metal Detecting with full insurance, permissions etc we've started a video channel as our weekly experiences! I've always been a weather nut so to speak, and this is the best of both worlds. As I can look for history AND be out in the beautiful countryside https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnikWKdJK3hg-Ku21hAjEbQ
  2. One of the worst winters I can remember ( SO FAR ! ) Most of the time it's been dank/wet and very very windy, and then the hopefulness of snow and we get a bit of light snow that never settles! Glad to see the back of this :(
  3. And then complete fail for many areas yep!
  4. The same Phil who said it was snowing in the south east and moving towards London this morning? When infact he was sitting in the closet not looking out the window to the heavy rain that was falling?
  5. And again, they can't even get it right on the DAY! Area of Snow... It's RAIN!
  6. One of the worst Winters I can remember so far 😞
  7. Well I've changed my Signature, what a complete failure all round for the south east ( Kent )
  8. A complete bust to be honest, very little snow, nothing much on the ground and the radar returns are not accurate to what is actually falling. So far this winter has been a massive dissapointment with two completely failed forecasts. Night all 😞
  9. You're beeing fooled by the radar returns, it's really not that much at all. Snizzle blowing in the wind
  10. It's awful, probably the lightest frontal snowfall I've seen for years! If it wasn't for the wind i wouldn't even bother looking. OTT Forecasting 😞
  11. It's snowing but it's barely doing anything to the ground, you could almost class it as a windy flurry! Expected really
  12. Yep, but what's more noticable is that wind!
  13. It still hasn't come ashore towards canterbury and more shearing up the channel!! BUST
  14. You can see the radar is not playing ball, its hardly moving north, it's mostly going east/north east along the channel. A lot of people are going to be seriously dissapointed as a massive bust in forecasting. If I'm wrong and I hope I am, then I'll say so
  15. I'm usually mad half the time 😛 I can't remember, it's been a few times we've been forecasted something and nothing happened. I remember that RED ALERT event we had, 10-25cm, and... nope
  16. Hopefully! Although I was less positive than I was a good few hours ago!
  17. OH DEAR! Just had this awful feeling, I just done a radar loop and it looks as if the main band isn't so much pivoting north, but it's sliding up the channel towards France! This has happened before, and you can clearly see the intensity dropping off and scooting up the channel. Can you guys take a look?
  18. Just saw this on TWO " Amber may be modified shortly, removing W Country but extending east to SE areas. The small wave low now running along the Cherbourg Pennisula coast will enhance ppn and push it into Sussex/Kent from 9pm. Larger totals likely here than previously modelled. You can see this process happening in the radar loop. " It's looking a lot less likely for further west, those expecting 10-20cm or so more especially
  19. Looks as if the front is decaying on it's western flank, or radar error?
  20. It's 2C colder in Manston than it is in Southend!
  21. Paul! Just went for a walk and for the FIRST time this winter it actually feels like Winter, the sort of Cold you'd feel when walking in a Blizzard! Also that wind is really picking up and taking your breath away.
  22. But we don't want it going too far north or more people in the south will get rain earlier
  23. The winds have really increased here, sky has gone a milky grey with a big temp drop
  24. This is what I've read today The snow front wont make it as far as north kent The snow front will fizzle and decay The snow front will reach London but decay There's a chance of Streamers There's a risk of Streamers but it's minimal Looks like a rain mix further east but snow further west The front might not make it at all. And you wonder why people get ***ed off about this forum sometimes lol