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  1. Cloudy and a bit of a breeze this morning about 7.30 :), sun pushing through now
  2. Through most of the end of last year and into this one it has been......... WINDY! Sick of it, and more depressing that COVID today :(
  3. Clap Clap Clap Met Office and BBC Weather! Did a brilliant job today.. NOT
  4. No Appoligies either, I'm sure the staff here will say " IT'S A FORECAST, THEY DON'T MAKE THE WEATHER "
  5. Still raining! Hopefully that new super computer of theirs actually works eh? Useless the lot of them!
  6. Agreed! Bar the odd day, it's been raining with a constant wind since October! Really depressing and **** , I can't remember it being like this for many years
  7. Can anyone give me a forecast for this weekend? Or post any models as I'm supposed to be visiting a historical place in kent Thank you
  8. Does anyone have a radar image from the early hours of this morning? I drove from Hythe to Herne Bay at about 11am and many of the fields and some roads were flooded! Thanks
  9. If you're not interested in the stripes you can also use ublock origin and block the elements so it goes back to a standard colour
  10. Suffering from Heat Exhaustion here - Fan on, cool tshirt on my neck and I feel ill! Keep on drinking, probably the worst I've felt for a number of years
  11. The new Era? Funny I remember records being broken in 2003 then a long wait for anything substantial... Most of the east coast has been shivering this week with that awful wind from the North Sea
  12. MADNESS!!!!! https://www.lightningmaps.org/?lang=en&#m=oss;t=3;s=201;o=0;b=;ts=0;y=44.8753;x=18.3472;z=8;d=2;dl=2;dc=0;
  13. I've uploaded a nice picture, surface based strike towards Herne Bay!
  14. Anyway uploaded a nice picture, surface based strike towards Herne Bay!
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