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  1. True but any further south and many of us are screwed! This has happened many times before sadly, with or without a SWW
  2. If we end up with a Thames Streamer i'd be utterly gutted! Already missed out the last two times this winter and since then not since 2013! Thames Streams suck, sorry but a strong North East wind blasting show from the North Sea gives a much wider area, not a gap through the Thames Estuary
  3. Exactly what I've been saying but it either gets deleted or pushed aside! Deep cold uppers were due Saturday, then Sunday, then Monday, next Tuesday now Wednesday! In fact I'll add it to my signature
  4. https://weathertrending.com/2018/02/20/bitter-quickchat-next-weeks-extreme-cold/ CRAZY!!
  5. You and me too! First it was Saturday, then Sunday, then Monday, Now Tuesday? I'll pencil in 2019
  6. Am I reading this right that the cold has been delayed yet again? Was weekend, then Monday now Tuesday?
  7. https://www.rmets.org/sites/default/files/pdf/presentation/20110205-blackburn.pdf
  8. A bit like the models then beyond 3 days?
  9. Same, so far the only people getting really excited over this is over in the model section... Say differently and " DELETE ". Meh, still a week away and it's been delayed a lot so far
  10. It was day 6, then day 10, then day 12 That's the worrying part, delaying it further lol
  11. Considering their weekly forecasts are changing from day to day, I don't hold much regard lol
  12. Especially as it's moved from the 18th, to the 20th, and some to the 26th! Not impressed thus far
  13. Wait what... Are we getting excited again, I thought it was the 18th now it's the 21st or even 24th for the cold blast?
  14. The entire winter has been disappointing! ( What I've seen at least ) Yes I know SOME have enjoyed it, but it's been naff compared
  15. I saw people posting about 8CM of snow, then I noticed I was in the 2012 thread.. How c ra p is that
  16. Met Office loses BBC contract

    Will be it be an extra shade of brown?
  17. Well I drove from Hythe, past Folkestone, up through Canterbury and into Herne Bay, it never came down HEAVY :/
  18. Heavy snowfall... There was never any HEAVY snow, it was just light to moderator. Most of it was pellets and pretty naff, story of the winter so far here
  19. Don't get too excited, it did that for us, it really is C R A P
  20. Nothing here still, bit **** really