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  1. Utter garbage here in Chester, has been for the past week. 15c cloudy murk. No summer here
  2. Heating on, living room light on. Welcome to High Summer Britain 2016 style...


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    2. lassie23


      Started raining now, only had one dry day this week.

    3. Dami


      we got our heating on. \o.

    4. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      shorts on, fans on window open, winters 2000+ style

  3. Another day of cold, cloudy, unrelenting dross. Getting me down.
  4. dont want this to become a whiney whingey thread but come on! It's meant to be spring!
  5. It's really starting to get me down now. Another horrible day, and that incessant wind! On the rare occasions (like now) that it has brightened up a bit, it's still too cold with the wind chill to go out without a coat. It felt like a dreary miserable mid november day today. We are stuck in Autumn and not in a good way
  6. From the album: Weather 1

  7. Cloudwatcher

    Weather 1

    General weather
  8. Hottest day? After a promising start not here it's not. Mid-level muck has moved in as per usual and completely killed off the temperature. Actually feeling a lot cooler than yesterday!

    1. fazer76


      25-27C for mid am is very good going.30C further south.It is going to be the hottest day for a number of years.

  9. From the album: Weather 1

    Early convection 01:07:15
  10. it would appear my initial pessimism was misplaced! five pm and feeling rather hot!

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    2. Scorcher


      don't want any thunderstorms Ian if they hold back the temperatures

    3. Cloudwatcher


      It's been so long here I've forgotten what happens during a thunderstorm!

    4. Mokidugway


      Lots of drizzle and a breeze...

  11. Heatwave? Yeah, maybe for the SE. Not expecting much up here.

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    2. Cloudwatcher


      Hmmm. I'll believe that when I see it but fingers crossed!

    3. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      will certainly hit the north midlands, 32C on Wed

    4. Daniel*


      I'm expecting 35C on Wednesday and possible Saturday bit hot

  12. well it's early days today but hope things improve. currently staring at the same usual stratal muck and feeling cold.

    1. Cloudwatcher


      Thankfully brightening up now!

    2. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      windy in NW midlands, too much convective cloud, NW'ly again

    3. Mokidugway


      And it won't change this summers dead :)...

  13. Cold, drizzle and that horrible NW wind AGAIN!. Hiow much worse can it get atm :-(

    1. Milhouse


      Fear not. Its on its last legs now. just tomorrow to go then its gone...and not before time!!

    2. Cloudwatcher
    3. Mokidugway


      Improving picture here already :)..

  14. Another bracing November day!

    1. Mokidugway


      Yes looking forward to a northerly blast and snow :)...

    2. Dami


      someone said snow!

    3. Mokidugway


      Yes ,afterall it ill soon be Christmas !!:)..

  15. Yeah, tbf sunshine has been pretty good for us, especially July this year. But storms or other activity....non starter.
  16. Usua storm shield was in effect here last night. We had a spell of moderate to heavy rain for a staggering 15 minutes and that was it. Even by our usual dull standards this summer has been incredibly dull here
  17. That's incredible given our relative proximity. Just illustrates how forecasting can never be an exact science! We've got virtually wall to wall clag here! Although brightened up a touch in last ten mins. Some patches of blue starting to form.
  18. Incredible that a distance of say twenty miles can have a contrast like it does. I'm sat outside and just put a jumper on! Seriously! temp has really dropped under cloud here. Wonder if it's because we are closer to the Clwydian hills? Stuff always seems to get killed by them when coming up from Wales.
  19. Damn. It's gone a fair bit darker here now. Sun poked through for ten minutes half hour ago but there's just not been enough heat.
  20. Those cells in mid Wales seem to be on a decent track for us if they can keep going. Chances?
  21. Thoroughly dismal day here today. Zero sunshine, 100 cloud dross and no heat. Don't think we've topped 20c.typical Cheshire "storm weather" in fact. All a bit soul destroying but hey ho.
  22. Todays turned into an absolutely putrid day more reminiscent of early November than July. No sun so far, light rain before and now we don't even have that! Just a constant grey layer of murk that is keeping temps down and killing off any chance of any activity. Currently only nudging 18c.
  23. had a few rumbles and mid-distant flashes here last night.Seemed fairly high level stuff. I think everything decent swept east of us towards Manchester. Stuck with the usual Cheshire dross of cloudy dull skys and light rain now. Can't imagine anything starting up later tbh because there's not enough heat around. Good luck to everyone else :-)
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