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  1. GFS 12Z is very similar to charts from late Dec 1995/early Jan 1996

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    2. Steve C

      Steve C

      It wasn't a classic spell in my neck of the woods. We had snow around the New Year (and not a huge amount) although other parts of the country fared much better. Put it this way, my area had far better snow in winters 2010/11/12 and 13 - we also did poorly in the event of early Feb 2009, when London was blanketed, but we had mostly sleet. :(

    3. Eugene


      Good memory Don

    4. Don


      Winters 1995/96 and 1996/97 were very disappointing for me, missing out on most of the snow :(. The cold winters of the late 00's through to the early 2010's were far better IMBY!