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  1. Hilarious people think November is more of a winter month than February, please compare coldest months between them and then tell me which is winter even March pushes November in the cold stakes, shows you November isn't that cold

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    2. Bottesford


      Spotted my opinion in the model mood thread then :)

      It just feels quite winter like as darkness invades the working daytime and its pretty cold.

    3. Gaz1985


      It's more of a "Winter" month in terms of the darkness for sure. It's like even now the nights are getting rapidly longer.

    4. mushymanrob


      depends what 'winter' is... temp wise feb is generally colder... daylight? feb is often lighter then nov which can be very dull. but lets face it, this is just another feeble attack on 'non cold' lovers.

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