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  1. Whatver gavin, its still summer if you didnt know and nobody can forecast that far away

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    2. cheese


      Because there are overriding factors - weather is secondary in my life. I like living in the UK, I have a decent-paying, secure job, with friends and family nearby. I am not going to pack up and move abroad to a place I don't know just because of the weather - that's silly. The UK is pretty crap for any type of weather so everyone should leave.

      Besides, I have plenty of time to live abroad - and I would love to at some point, but not permanently. The UK is my home.

    3. Steve C

      Steve C

      Absolutely fine Cheese and that's good. I just wonder whether some people, who post in the model discussion thread, don't actually have higher priorities though?

    4. bradythemole


      Personally,i think even though the UK has "the worst" weather, it also has the best weather. Due to its unpredictability and diversity, it makes us have one of the most interesting climates in the world and what makes model discussion even more fun. You can get basically any time of weather in the UK and rarely is the weather boring. Because of the general "rubbish" weather throughout the year, thats what makes hot/cold spells even more enjoyable

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