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  1. Well at least another week of cold largely dry weather to look forward to, plenty of useable weather(kids playing in next doors garden today on their trampoline) before going downhill just as the kids go back to school, with windy wet cool weather moving in, hopefully something will turn up on the models to prolong this dry spell, not bothered about temps

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    2. Eugene


      The cold since last Saturday would of been cold even in mid winter, average maxs in Jan are 6C here and 1C min, most days have been lower than 5C since last Saturday with nights always below 0C

    3. Eugene


      I wonder what effects cold north sea temps will have on any warmer easterlies we may get by May/June

    4. Eugene


      "The ensemble run would bring more in the way of sunshine and showers rather than persistent rain like the Op showed with the deep low" Yep spot on gavin, not sure what some were looking at when saying convection on ECM 12Z OP as it doesn't just wet overcast conditions