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  1. Slightly more optimistic over cold tonight, feel it will turn blocked from mid February, hopefully to our NE

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    2. Eugene


      The sunny spells have come from PM air bottesford, TM air is dull in winter 99% of the time, i guess that is nonsense to you, ok :)

    3. Eugene


      So sub zero temps in winter are boring to some people with lots of snow on the ground, well tell that to all the sledgers and people out enjoying it bottesford, typical winter weather is not as interesting as sub zero temps and lots of snow cover, it was the best spell since Dec 2010

    4. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      The "mild = dull, cold = bright and frosty" thing is probably a case of confirmation bias. I don't think temperatures and sunshine amounts are significantly correlated in the winter months. A moist but stable regime will bring grey drizzly weather regardless of whether it's a warm SW'ly or a cold SE'ly.

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