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  1. Shocking reversal from GFS this morning, a complete contrast to last nights runs which were incredible, people have forgot the UKMO 00Z which looks like going GFS's way, short cold snap then back to mild unfortunately and more rain, its really very depressing indeed, cant see a way back for next week now ECM surely will come on board tonight

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    2. Eugene


      Yes GFS ensembles last night were showing what the GFS ops were today, thats two poor GFS runs in a row now, not sure why people are trusting ECM when the previous runs before last nights 12Z were awful like GFS OP's were today, the models are beyond a joke now really they are, they just want to wind people up it seems by getting their hopes up then completely dashing them, i was going to go for some country walks next week as the cold would of frozen all the mud now it looks like its goi...

    3. cheeky_monkey


      The models are global models just because they change what is showing in a very small sector of the NW Atlantic dont see how that makes them a joke?

    4. Eugene


      Better plan a country walk for monday, too risky after monday

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