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  1. The sun is alot weaker than mid summer now so any misty dull weather forming overnight will be much slower to clear, still should see it clear by afternoon though but summer heat in September here needs a very warm airmass which it looks like we'll be lacking this upcoming week.
  2. Really enjoying this week, a proper first week to Autumn with lovely fresh air and sunny spells, hardly any rain either, such a relief after horrid muggy damp southwesterlies of July/August that went on forever.
  3. Central heating wow, it's never cold enough in late August for that in central england.
  4. The best time of year September to April is almost upon us.
  5. I'm tired of these seemingly endless southwesterlies bringing grey overcast weather, hopefully autumn will see more Northerlies and clear HP, it has to end sometime and we're coming to the right time for that.
  6. Thick fog this morning whilst driving through the Cotswolds, most unusual in August at 8 am, felt more like November.
  7. Frosty should start his own company OptiWeather and apply for the contract.
  8. 9 times out of 10 Warwickshire does attrociously especially the middle and southern part of the county.
  9. LOL, you got that right, another non event for us in poor deprived Warwickshire.
  10. Yeah stop moaning Summer of 95, it could be alot worse you could live in Warwickshire.
  11. As in Magnificent view which it sounded like it was, sorry no offense intended, hope you see some wonderful thunderstorms tonight into tomorrow, i think my turn may come tomorrow as another batch pushes northwards.
  12. Looks great for Birmingham northwestwards, as ever the bulk of Warwickshire is just slightly too far southeast, always so frustrating here in mid/south Warwickshire.
  13. Yuck this has to be the dullest most humid summer for us midlanders for a long time, just horrible and so so boring like todays slate grey skies.
  14. Another lovely summers day from the SW, if you like humid, dull, drizzly weather that is.
  15. Glorious weekend being replaced by humid cloudy rubbish, rising humidity always bring damn grey weather here in the Summer, now one of the dullest seasons, at least mild winters bring alot more drama on here, the forum is as dull as the weather in Summer.
  16. Much fresher, drier and brighter today, yes it's the arrival of those nasty WNW'lys.
  17. Was in West Oxfordshire today and it rained properly for a few hours, never felt happier to see rain to freshen it up abit.
  18. Heard lots today say it's a hot and sunny day even in Manchester.
  19. Hardly noticeable to be honest, still plenty of daylight and light mornings, September is when you really notice it and even then still over 12 hours of light.
  20. Lovely fresh sunny day so much better than the muggy damp cloudfest of early week.
  21. LOL, great post highlighting the hypocrisy of the warmies, +1 like.
  22. Warm and humid all week here, no sign of any fresher weather, after a slow start summers are always warm and muggy nowadays.
  23. Wow you must be the only person who mentions winters gloom in mid July, you seem to always bring it up way out of season, it's an eternity until winter's long nights and people don't need to be constantly reminded of it.
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