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  1. I'm in Kirkham, between Preston and Blackpool. After a bit of snow overnight, we've had snow constantly now since about midday. Really strange for us, as we rarely get anything being so close to the coast. On a slightly different topic - which Forum would I best posting in for advice on the best weather station to buy? Cheers
  2. Snowing in Warton, near Lytham St. Anne's. bit of a shock. Been going for about 15 mins now.
  3. My reckoning would be somewhere in the region of: Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Lancaster, Lake District/Cumbria..... I often wonder too, as North West covers a big area too..... round here, Preston we rarely get snow, yet Cheshire 50 miles south do well....
  4. I just don't think its that cold..... Just let the dog out and wouldn't say it was snow weather..... No frost, snow, hail or anything here in Preston! Not impressed as a cold spell at all.....
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