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  1. Spring 2018 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    Fittingly I recall that in Exeter there was hail and thunder from that preceding northerly, around 4-5pm on 25 April 2017.
  2. Had some rumbles from a cell just to the west of Exeter, and the possibility of second helpings as some cells are sprouting up around Plymouth.
  3. Spring 2018 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    Despite the severity of the two Beasts from the East this month, this has only been the coldest start to meteorological spring since 2013. That March was the coldest for over 50 years over much of the country.
  4. Spring 2018 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    The springs of 1997 and 2002 both had predominantly dry and warm weather in March and April. March 2002 was cloudy in the south-west but sunny elsewhere, while the other three months tended to be cloudy in the north-west but sunny elsewhere. The respective Mays had much closer to average temperatures and rainfall but different characters. May 1997 was a notably varied month with warm/hot sunshine early and late, snowfalls on the 6th/7th and frequent convective activity in the middle fortnight, and a particularly sunny last week ensured that most places also came out significantly sunnier than average. Spring 2005 saw a cold first half of March followed by a very warm (albeit dull) second half. April was slightly warmer than average, wet but fairly sunny for most, while May had warm spells early and late but chilly northerlies and frosts in the middle fortnight, overall coming out sunny with near average temperatures and rainfall. April 2006 started off cold, bright and showery with snow for some, then after the 10th most places were predominantly dry and quite sunny with temperatures near or slightly above the seasonal average.
  5. Your Deepest Snow Record

    Aye, I did get a lot of bad luck with the timings, as my parents had 27cm up in Cleadon on 3 December 2010 and 22cm on 9 January 2010, and at Leeming the late Nov/early Dec spell produced about 20cm. Meanwhile I was in Norwich and had a maximum depth of 12cm in Jan 2010 and 7cm in late Nov/early Dec 2010. Then I was in the Vale of York near Thirsk in January 2013, also measuring a maximum depth of 12cm in that spell, while Norwich had rather bigger falls on that occasion. I've had my second south Devon snowstorm in a month today, although snow depths aren't quite as high as last time around, mainly due to solar radiation and high ground temps meaning that less of the snow settled.
  6. These two Beasts from the East have, unusually, really lived up to their name in Exeter!

    1. D.V.R


      What's the condition like?.. Cornwall looked very snowy on the news. It must be a while since you guys got this much snow?

  7. Your Deepest Snow Record

    This recent spell beat my old record- my current record stands at 17cm, measured in Exeter at 9pm on 1 March 2018. Drifts were also well over a foot deep in places. It's somewhat ironic that I spent most of my life in relatively snowy locations (Tyne & Wear, Vale of York, Norwich area) and yet my largest depth was set at normally snowless Exeter! However south Devon is known for having large dumpings of snow on rare occasions with late February 1978 the most famous.
  8. Arctic Sea ice the refreeze 2017/18

    You could argue that the current level of global warmth, and Arctic warmth, aren't unprecedented as the globe and especially the Arctic were clearly much warmer than they are now prior to the start of the Quaternary ice age. However, that's going back millions of years, and back to a time when humans weren't around. The current cold spell across north-west Europe, while exceptional, clearly isn't unprecedented over the last 2000 years, but the level of warmth in the Arctic may well be. See for example the following: https://www.skepticalscience.com/arctic-was-warmer-in-1940.htm The Arctic had a warm phase in the 1930s/40s which could largely be explained in terms of synoptic patterns and sea surface temperature anomalies, and the same was also true of the Arctic warming between 1970 and 2004, but since 2005 we seem to have headed into territory that has been unprecedented since before 1880. We also have longer-term climate reconstructions which suggest that, though not completely impossible, it is somewhat unlikely that the Arctic was this warm at any point during the last 2000 years. There was a Medieval Warm Period which may have been at least as warm as, if not warmer than, today in certain areas of the globe, but not the globe as a whole- see for example https://www.geo.umass.edu/climate/papers2/Mann2009.pdf
  9. Thaw well underway in Exeter, roads are mostly clear, still 2-3 inches lying in some areas but we were up at over 6 inches at one point.
  10. The heavy rain has reached me as well, and the nearby Met Office WOW site at Southam Fields has shot up to 3.3C as the heavier rain approached, also with dew point of 2.1C. Snow is now not surprisingly starting to thaw noticeably.
  11. The dreaded drip-drip-drip has started in Exeter and it appears to be ordinary rain triggering it, so I think that's it for here now.
  12. 2018 best compared to which historical event?

    For Exeter, this event will go down as the best since late December 2010. As for other areas that I've lived in, for South Tyneside I'd say best since late Nov/early Dec 2010 (although one could also make a case for January 2013), and for Norwich we're probably going back a lot further than that. For the Thirsk area, again late Nov/early Dec 2010. This synoptic setup in terms of depth of cold and the frontal attack from the SW has been a throwback to the winters of 1978 and 1979, and the easterly has been the coldest (at least in terms of depth of cold) since 1987, taking the country as a whole (since 1991 in the south), but the November/December 2010 spell exceeds this one for notability given its combination of severity and greater duration.
  13. The low pressure that has collided with the Siberian air mass and given us these blizzards was named Emma by the Portuguese.
  14. Bizarre scenes in Exeter, a thick layer of solid ice on top of the old powder snow and now another thin covering of powder snow on top of the ice!
  15. Same here, I saw fine sleety stuff start up about 15 minutes ago, was a pleasant surprise when it suddenly turned into fairly heavy snow!