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  1. It’s showing temperatures up at 850 hpa height or roughly 5000ft above sea level -10 at this time of year in strong sunshine might equate to zero or 1 c on the ground its also significant as it passes over the sea the colder it is relative to sea surface temps and the longer the track the more and the heavier showers you get You’d need a minimum of a 13c difference and preferably greater than a 50 miles sea track
  2. Tristrame

    Buying new weather station

    I’ve a cue,a vantage pro 2 and now a brand new wmr 300 I’m really liking the wmr so far its performing every bit as good as the Davis and looks the exact same In 14 years of having the vantage pro 2,I’ve never had to call customer service In the photo the anemometer is attached to the remains of an old oak tree (brought down by Storm Darwin a few years ago :/) No signal issues so far (as some online reviews seem to mention) I’ll keep you posted
  3. Tristrame

    US data SIM?

    Three UK have free roaming in the U.S including Data even on pay as you go http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Phones/Feel_At_Home#savingsCalculator
  4. Tristrame

    Davis Vantage Pro 2 problems

    Is the reed switch difficult to replace on the rain gauge?
  5. Tristrame

    Davis Vantage Pro 2 problems

    At last got it yesterday Painless enough swapping over and everything is working correctly now,it's solved the problem \0/
  6. Tristrame

    Davis Vantage Pro 2 problems

    It's still in Heathrow Rang Irish post office and they have not received it Quite maddening!
  7. Tristrame

    Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Last night near Aughavanagh co Wicklow circa 200 to 300 mtrs asl @Rocheydub only about 30 miles south of where you currently live
  8. Tristrame

    Davis Vantage Pro 2 problems

    Well I ordered the part and incredibly it's been in Heathrows parcel depot for the past 48 hrs without moving Its been scanned twice there first at 1am wenesday night and again at 1241 today The Irish post office could see todays scan but it's not on Royal mails track and trace Typical Its not India it's going to but it feels like it
  9. Tristrame

    Davis Vantage Pro 2 problems

    Cheers folks,I've asked the weather shop to quote me for the replacement as it's there I got the Davis originally I will let ye know how I get on
  10. Tristrame

    Davis Vantage Pro 2 problems

    Oh I had the dips off when I took the photo sorry as I had googled a hard reset Now I've no green led lighting at all I'm beginning to think the transmitter board will need replacing
  11. Tristrame

    Fibre Optic Broadband

    I'm using a wireless Lte broadband provider here in the Republic with decent pings despite the signal coming from 7kms away My luck with fibre is almost like an Easterly (I said *almost*) in that I live in the stretch of my road where fibre to the home connections stop 2 miles to the left from one exchange and a mile to the right on the other cant complain with these speeds on this service though,I used only get 2Mb on my landline
  12. Hi Folks Ive had one of these for years However I changed the battery in the ISS today as I was only getting signal in sunlight Trouble is I'm not getting any signal at all on battery power Inside under the battery the green led only flashes when I set the channel ID to ch 4- the test channel The console receives nothing when set to whichever ch number I've tried No light on 1 2 or 3 (there are only 4) See attached pic They're all off in the pic Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I'm hoping it's something simple I've actually forgotten the original set up from a few years ago as I've never had to change anything Thanks in advance for you help
  13. Tristrame

    Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Currently -3c here near Arklow with a hard frost lowest Ive seen is the Baltinglass co Wicklow traffic weather station at -5.5c
  14. Aye a week of dry flurries here in February 1991 Then the Irish Sea streamers started dumping a good 8 inches in my area of Eastern Ireland we're way further west than you guys obviously but do well in very cold easterlies or northeasterlies due to the often amazing shower production on the Irish Sea
  15. Tristrame

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Yup front is bringing snow on high ground in South Wicklow 60kms South of Dublin on this side of the Irish Sea too I took this pic around 4pm (posted in the Ireland forum also)