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  1. One of the best storms i've seen for a long while here. Incredible rainfall and frequent lightning.
  2. I've enjoyed every minute of watching Boro get beat. Well done Norwich.

  3. sunny scunny

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    I must admit i'm delighted that Boro have lost and they are staying in the championship where they belong
  4. Still some snow left around here despite the temp reaching 4.1c this afternoon. The temp is now 2.6c with the dew point at -0.8c.
  5. The temp is 0.8c here with a slight thaw taking place. I can't complain though as last night was much better than i expected.
  6. A nice covering of snow this morning around an inch. Currently clear at -1.1c.
  7. A winter wonderland here and the temp and dew points are plummeting. Temp -1.1c and dew point -1.7c.
  8. Very heavy snow now. Awesome!!!!
  9. You must of got a decent covering by now. Moderate snow here now with big flakes. I would of been happy with a dusting tonight but there could be over an inch here soon
  10. The radar looks very good for here in the next hour. There could be a good covering by morning.
  11. A few snow showers in the last hour and a light covering now.
  12. A cloudy and cold start to the day with PPN slowly moving down from the north. Temp is 1.6c.
  13. Heavy snow earlier this morning left a dusting, before it eventually turned back to rain. Currently cloudy with light rain.
  14. This was taken earlier before the snow turned more sleety.
  15. WOW heavy snow and massive flakes, but not really amounting to much, as it's to stop start all the time.
  16. Thats awesome. Big flakes here now and the dewpoint has dropped to 0c, so it's looking very good.
  17. It's currently snowing here, but so far it's to wet to settle. Heavy snow now and settling.
  18. Only expecting rain here this morning, but hopefully a few snow showers early next week. The first pic was taken on jan 28th and there was around an inch, but sadly melted by the morning. Thundersnow the day after though which left a light covering.
  19. Yes it's always depressing when the thaw starts, but after last years poor winter i'm just delighted to have got some snow in the last week or so. I'm sure some members, especially in the south haven't even seen a flake in 2 years, so with that in mind we have done rather well.
  20. Partly cloudy with light winds and a current temp of -0.8c. A light covering of snow still from yesterday's showers.
  21. Nice scenes here this morning, with most of yesterday afternoons snow remaining with the temp below freezing for most of the night. Currently -0.8c.
  22. Second day in a row that i've got thundersnow!!!!! A nice little covering now.
  23. It's a complete whiteout and still snowing, although it's starting to ease off now.
  24. wow mega snowstorm here lol
  25. Thundersnow again!!!!

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    2. sunny scunny

      sunny scunny

      Yep almost straight away. The temp went from 2.6c to 0c in 5 mins!!

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      that's a dramatic drop:-0

    4. tinybill


      nearly 1,200 vistors 2 night!!!