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  1. Swindon, still coming down all schools closed, time for a walk with dog and get some pics.
  2. NW radar shows a pink blob (snow) coming our way (swindon) just edging into Bristol, from Wales direction.
  3. But not everyone, some just comment on what the charts show, right or wrong they just try to predict the weather. If its good or bad, is just opinion.
  4. Looks like whole of central southern England will get snow to varying degrees from latest runs.
  5. The current SSW still looks on course to bringing just that, (cold and snow for uk) given favourable background state, though we may have to wait until the very last few days of February or early days of March to experience deep cold and snow. Quoting Nick here! Great read!
  6. In a day or two we will know more, then hopefully down to nowcasting for snow with the radar!
  7. "scud" I thought it was a torpedo! Both are dumb missiles, but I prefer a torpedo to a scud any day!
  8. what I would like is to connect to the web and see realtime data is that possible? heck I work in IT I know it is!
  9. I had a maplin one for a while, recently the remote screen broke, my best was -15c think it was 2010! Those were the days.
  10. glad I held back on my new weather station now, nothing exciting about posting average readings! If GP's torpedo looks like hitting its target I may still pop to maplins or Amazon (all hail the prime!)
  11. Merry Xmas everyone! and thanks for the entertainment over the years!❄
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