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  1. Presenter would suffice! These days!
  2. In a day or two we will know more, then hopefully down to nowcasting for snow with the radar!
  3. "scud" I thought it was a torpedo! Both are dumb missiles, but I prefer a torpedo to a scud any day!
  4. what I would like is to connect to the web and see realtime data is that possible? heck I work in IT I know it is!
  5. I had a maplin one for a while, recently the remote screen broke, my best was -15c think it was 2010! Those were the days.
  6. glad I held back on my new weather station now, nothing exciting about posting average readings! If GP's torpedo looks like hitting its target I may still pop to maplins or Amazon (all hail the prime!)
  7. Merry Xmas everyone! and thanks for the entertainment over the years!❄
  8. constant cb lightning ,loud thunder, going nnw?
  9. heavy rain now, lightning getting closer!
  10. distant lighting and rumble's of thunder to my south hopefully travelling north for a direct hit!
  11. nice storm passed to the north os Swindon. Heading ne i think. now hot sunshine!